Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Time for Jonah Goldberg to grow up, stop kicking the floor and stop helping Clinton destroy America

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Sometime it’s hard to imagine that Jonah Goldberg actually lives in America. Reading his ravings one would think he is in a NASA space capsule, floating around the planet, blissfully ignorant of the danger we are facing. Goldberg’s fantasy dreams of a world in which only “pure conservative knights” get to save the country make it more difficult to see the clear and present danger we are in. This is a time for clarity of purpose, not demands for perfection over the serviceable.

You need to be addressed directly, Mr. Goldberg, so there can be no ambiguity:

Mister Goldberg, given the things you said in Dinesh D’Sousa’s movie, “Hillary’s America” it is really hard to understand how you could be such a foaming-at-the-mouth enemy of Donald Trump. Do you not understand that the Republican primaries are over and whichever squishy “Reach across the aisle” Republican you wanted to set up for certain defeat, he has now lost? Do you not believe that the alternative to Trump—that is, Hillary Clinton--is indeed the person of very low character you projected her to be during your appearance in the movie? Were you lying by commission then or are you lying by omission now?

You project yourself as a knowledgeable member of the media who is well versed in all the issues facing America today. Yet you just can’t seem to control the angry little child within your soul. Somehow, to make you feel superior to me (and you most certainly are not), that angry selfish alter ego must come roaring out to mock and attack Trump. It seems that neither you nor it care that these juvenile outbursts add to the chances of a Hillary Clinton presidency; something that even that silly little inner child knows would be a death sentence for America.

Just what is it about you that is so selfish, so childish that you are willing to play make believe with my future? Why do you feel that you know something more about life than I do? How can you blind yourself to the gray, hellish future a totally out of control Supreme Court will inflict on America, the country you live in? Do you not understand you are helping to insure ruined lives of the next four generations?  

Do you fancy yourself such a powerful and well insulated member of the media that you will be able to arrange for your daughter to be saved from the hell of a President Hillary Clinton?

Where is your sense of proportion? In your latest column you plaintively ask what to do now that Donald Trump won’t change. For starters, how about getting down on your knees and thanking God that there is an alternative to the criminal thug the Democrats have nominated?

Stop acting like a spoiled child; you are putting our lives and future in danger. Or don’t you understand that your life will destroyed as well?   

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