Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Truth About Hackers and Why they Prefer Trump

Anthony J. Ciani’s article “Why Would Russians Hack Democrats” reveals the reason hackers have concentrated their efforts on exposing the corruption of the Democrat Party. The last two paragraphs of Ciani’s piece provide everything the American voting public needs to understand why the administration of a President Donald Trump would prove so deadly to those who prostitute the nation for their own gain.

“Why Would Russians Hack Democrats”

By Anthony J. Ciani

Final paragraphs

"What hackers have revealed, and will continue to reveal, is a conglomeration of big banks, big businesses, big media and big government, all owned and controlled by the same people. They bend the ears and buy the loyalty of Democrats and establishment Republicans, to rig the system in their favor. For example, after bailing out financial institutions that were "too big to fail," government forced many smaller institutions to liquidate and merge with the big ones, creating ever fewer companies that have become too, too big to fail. The World is primed for yet another economic disaster, in which the elite who created it will once again be insulated from it with blood and sweat seized from the People, by their own government. If Trump is president, the insulation is gone and the elite will suffer the consequences of their short-sightedness and greed. The elite owns the mainstream media and establishment politicians, and so coordinates the anti-Trump propaganda. Even some supposedly right-wing media outlets are owned by the elite."

"The conspiracy has been exposed. America desperately needs Trump, and the elite will do everything it can to stop him. Independent hackers really have become the underdogs fighting for justice, and the Democrats are the political wing of the villainous syndicate. Little wonder the aristocracy wants us to believe that these heroic hackers are actually Vladimir Putin's cyber-bullies. Yes, these hackers are heroic. The corrupt FBI and Department of (In)Justice that placed Hillary Clinton (and other Democrats) above the law will gleefully throw non-Democratic hackers into jail."

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