Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The sour, selfish, NeverTump crowd never misses a chance to remind us of what they are

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The anti-freedom, Hillary Clinton cheerleaders in the now thoroughly vanquished NeverTrump peanut gallery could not pass up a chance to remind us of why we should view them as enemies. With career prospects dimming by the week as Donald Trump’s inevitable victory comes closer, the stars of Quislingland gushed about the phony Barack Obama’s, phony speech at the Democrat Convention.  They tweeted to each other swooning over the con-man’s flowery sounding words wishing that Jeb Bush was saying them.

The collective wisdom of these treacherous “pundits” as demonstrated by their tweets makes true patriots green around the gills with nausea.   

One asked “Will a Trump apologist explain to me why an 18 yo watching the conventions would want to be a Republican? We're giving away a generation.”  

Just who this guy’s “we” is here remains a mystery. He obviously has had little political experience because if he did he would understand that only 18 year olds and a few of HIS pals would believe the version of the Democrat Party’s aims and goals as painted by Obama.   
This one needs no further explanation, “A speech to make Republican elites feel sickened (as they should be) by what their party has nominated.”

Another political moron said of Obama’s efforts, “Great speech. And we made it easy for him.” Presumably the “we” he is talking about means those of us smart enough to reject Bush, Cruz, Kasich and the rest of the field. “We” indeed!

The next intelligencius bankruptus said, “Trump is asking Russian President for help. Hillary Clinton is asking an American President.” So the question here is: Is this guy really so dumb as to make believe he believes what he just said, or is he so hate filled over Jeb Bush paying $50 million per delegate that he is willing to look stupid to express it?

I saved the best for last. This individual wrote, “Still stunned. Feel like I'm in the twilight zone. Obama just defended America & conservative values from attacks by the Republican nominee.” This is the height of hypocrisy. This man cannot be so dumb that he is willing to attack the man who stands between America and forty years of viciously destructive Supreme Court Judges in order to soothe his bruised ego can he? The candidate HE deigned to recommend failed to come close to winning the Republican nomination and he has apparently found it hard to sit down ever since.  

November can’t come soon enough. Go Trump/Pence!

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