Monday, August 15, 2016

The slimy Bush family had their NeverBushies in 1988, yet now lead the NeverTrump forces of today

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The internet truly is the eye that never blinks. Twenty five years ago it would have been fair to say about 500 people in America were doing some form of political research. Today that number is easily 500,000. Almost every day we see the fruits of the labors of these, mostly amateur, sleuths splash onto the internet; and today is no exception.

Today’s gem is a copy of an article that appeared in the New York Times on May 17, 1988 which was dug out by an unknown amateur.

The similarities between the spring of 1988 and the summer of 2016 are indeed striking, right down to the bluster of the 28% of Republican NeverBushs who delighted Democrats with their childish pledges to vote for Michael Dukakis.   
Michael Dukakis-Warrior

This is what things looked like in May of 1988.  “Michael S. Dukakis is capitalizing on deep public doubts about Vice President Bush and the Reagan Administration's handling of key issues and has emerged as the early favorite for the Presidential election in November, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll. Mr. Dukakis, the probable Democratic nominee, ran ahead of Mr. Bush, the almost certain Republican candidate, by 49 percent to 39 percent among 1,056 registered voters. The survey, conducted May 9-12, represented a significant advance for Mr. Dukakis since a Times/CBS News Poll in March when Mr. Bush had 46 percent and Mr. Dukakis had 45 percent.”

The article, written by E. J. Dionne Jr. continued, “In theory, a poll taken among as many people as were involved in this one should accurately reflect public opinion within three percentage points in either direction.” 

In the question of favorability, Dukakis was also comfortably ahead with a nice 38 favorable to just 14 unfavorable ratio while Bush was underwater at 33/38.   

Just 27% saw Dukakis as a liberal while about 33% of “conservatives” saw him as a liberal. So 6 points more “conservative” NeverBushs saw him as a liberal.

Yet 28% (most probably the same people) said they would vote for Dukakis over Bush.  

Among people under 30, Dukakis was up 47/41. 

Dukakis was leading among women, union members, Blacks and Catholics.

Of course, the actual results were much different. The NeverBush Republicans did not materialize. In his smashing 426/111 Electoral College victory, George H W Bush drew 53.4% of the vote including 92 percent of the Republican vote. He also almost doubled the number of Democrats who said they would vote for him getting 17% to come to his side.

This reminds us the Bush family has a selective memory regarding the NeverBush crowd. They should know better but they choose not to.    

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