Friday, August 5, 2016

The Black vote for Trump: Now we know why the Democrats and their media cheerleaders are so frightened

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Honest observers of recent polls can’t help but be skeptical at how the numbers have turned around. We’ve seen Donald Trump’s 7 point lead go to a 15 point lead for Hillary Clinton. That 22 point turn around in a very short period is, in itself, suspect, but for now we can leave it alone. 

Those who know better MUST keep speaking out and MUST not waver in their belief that these polls are faked because they are – not all of them – but the ones showing Clinton with over a 7 point lead. How can this be so when 68% of America doesn’t trust her?

The pattern of lies is clear and easy to see. To get big numbers for Clinton they are over sampling Democrats to various degrees and under sampling groups they know will not give them the answers they are looking for. Reuters, which admitted throwing out their own results, doesn’t care what we think; they are in the false headline business not the journalism business.

The polls don’t accurately reflect Independents because they strongly favor Trump and therefore don’t fit their narrative.

Another disingenuous stunt they poll is to merely omit their internals and laugh in our face.

Much of these manipulations have to be happening to hide Trump’s strength among Black voters.

Last September we saw a SurveyUSA poll showing Trump getting 25% of the Black vote; since then we have seen similar results in other polls, although not as big for Trump.

Now we have a Civitas poll from North Carolina showing Trump with 32% of the Black vote. This stands in sharp contrast to the ZERO, NADA--YES ZERO% of the Black vote happily circulated by our caught cheating friends in an NBC/Marist Washington Post poll reported for Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The Black vote scares the media, along with the rest of the Democrat Party. It is the reason they are over sampling other groups and in the case of CNN, leaving out groups – a recent poll showed they left out 18-29 AND 30 – 49 year olds--just left them out—because, well, their answers wouldn’t fit the narrative that Hillary Clinton is so loved by Black people that they support her more than they supported Barack Obama.

Did Trump take a hit the past ten days? Yes of course; he fell out of leads in the LaTimes and Rasmussen polls. Was that hit a fatal 15 points – not by a long shot.        

There will be more of these bogus polls but they will be ridiculous and for the most part not worth giving credence to.

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