Monday, August 8, 2016

Some logical thought points to a Trump landslide regardless of American Pravda’s polls

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Although a new poll from North Carolina shows only a small if expected lead for Donald Trump, it is the new survey from Civitas that contains the explosive and troubling news for Hillary Clinton. It showed 32% of Black respondents supported Trump. This is not surprising because as far back as September a SurveyUSA poll showed 25% of the nation’s Black voters’ supported Trump.

Also, according to a report on Black participation in the Democrat primaries, African American voting dropped sharply. In Ohio the fall was estimated to be 40%, in Florida 38% and in North Carolina, the state in which 32% of Blacks say they will be voting for Trump, the fall in Black participation was 34%.    

The candidacy of Barack Obama was a stroke of genius for the Democrats; but it was a once in a lifetime splash. Hillary Clinton can never get close to the 93/6 advantage Obama had with Black voters. Moreover it will be nearly impossible for Clinton to enjoy the same record breaking Black voter participation rate. So with anything near 25%, let alone 32% Black support for Trump combined with a far lower turnout, Clinton’s way to the White House is virtually closed off already.

The last four Republican presidential candidates got the support of 89.75% of rank and file Republicans. This means that the 72% Trump is currently getting can be expanded by 17.75 points. The gap will close rapidly because there is no way the NeverTrumps will ultimately be able to convince that many people to put the selfish interests of Paul Ryan, Karl Rove and the Republican Party over their own future and the future of their family.   

Right now we are still seeing the fall out from a nasty primary season; but it is not at all fanciful to believe that Trump can close that gap in GOP support by 12 points to a manageable 84% while the staunch Party malcontents vote for one of the minor Party candidates. Sadly history shows us that about 8% of Republicans will vote for Clinton but that will be offset by crossover Democrats who will support Trump.  There was no evidence of an active “Vote in the Republican primary for Trump to stick them with him” effort. The crossovers were sincere and plentiful.   

When we get down to less than 60 days, many in the GOPe will opt for self-preservation and reluctantly get behind Trump as it dawns on them that an attack on him will chase away his supporters. They may still believe there are not enough Trump supporters for him to be elected; but they will eventually realize that without us at the polls to vote for Trump we won’t be there to vote for them either and they will surely be defeated.  Trump is still in very good shape.

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