Sunday, August 7, 2016

Paul Ryan must be defeated on Tuesday in our first step to saving America

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Our friend Charles Johnson of has put together a compelling argument for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s defeat in the Republican primary being held in the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin on Tuesday. Whether Ryan stays on or not is to be determined by a small group of Americans who are being asked to place country over their personal aims and goals. Let us hope those who have not yet decided on which man to support will read this and vote accordingly.

Ryan’s challenger is Paul Nehlen a local businessman who, in the truest tradition of our Founding Fathers, has stepped forward to stop the tyranny of a man who, having lost his way and purpose in life,  is now a clear and present danger to all of us.     

Ryan is being advised by Cesar Conda who, as his former top staffer, single-handedly pushed Senator Marco Rubio into joining the infamous Gang of Eight that tried mightily to cram amnesty down our throats.

Ryan has been a devious character all of his life.  In high school he was voted “biggest brown noser” and hasn’t really stood tall ever since. Today he is a Cheap Labor Express supporter who has turned out to be a big asset to Barack Obama in moving forward his plans to destroy America.

In 2007 it was Conda, as Ryan’s mentor since he arrived in Washington, who introduced Ryan to Mitt Romney. Romney sized up Ryan saw a man with no spine and that is why Romney picked Ryan as his running mate.

With Ryan under his control, Conda has worked for pro-amnesty and anti-border security candidates.

Ryan and Conda adore Jack Kemp who few people realize was an advocate of illegal immigration and ultimately would have been dangerous if he were still alive and in the political arena today.

When you see Paul Ryan think Cesar Conda because both men want to erase our borders and swamp us with the worst the world has to offer. 

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  1. I sen Nehlen ten bucks four times.

    It would be so sweet to see Paul Rino Cantored.

  2. Really. You're seriously worried that Ryan's reelection contest is more important than Trump's?

    His opponent is down by 50 points and even Trump has come around to supporting Ryan. We better spend more time on putting Trump in the WH than bickering among Republicans