Monday, August 1, 2016

New ridiculous polls show Democrat panic over a Trump victory is driving them over the edge

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

After Hillary Clinton finished her acceptance speech the Democrats knew they had a problem. It was so pedestrian and uninspiring the immediate res gestae response from the shocked and disappointed media was to actually use the word “bad” in their reviews.

Knowing their candidate had not hit the “homerun” they knew she needed, by the end of the day they revised their reviews. “It wasn’t so bad after all,” was the best they could do.

Fire bells had disturbed the night.

Among the first to come to Clinton’s rescue were the reliable quislings in the NeverTrump camp.  They got to work praising Clinton as a bringer of hope. Some dared use the word “Reagan” in their gushing reviews.

Then the “pollsters” went to work to plug the leaks in Clinton’s ship.   

A totally panicked Reuters/Ipsos thought nothing of admitting that, after they found an initial swing of SEVENTEEN POINTS toward Trump, they invented “NEITHER” as a new category for voters to consider. That bought Clinton a huge “bounce.”   

Yet this was not enough to bring panicked Democrats down off the window ledge; enter Nate Silver of 538.Com fame.

In the week before the Republican Convention, Silver predicted Trump had a 20% chance of winning.  Immediately after Trump’s convention Silver adjusted his prediction to show Trump having a 58% chance of winning. Obviously Silver was so stunned by what he saw that he blurted out the truth.

Now the panicked Silver has told us about RaBa, a new “poll” few but hard core Leftists and NeverTrumps have heard of, that puts Clinton in a 15 point lead 46/31.   

This begs the questions: So who is RaBa and how long have they been in operation?    

According to its website: “RABA Research was founded in 2016 by a bipartisan group of political professionals who have worked for candidates, issues, organizations, and corporations across the globe.” Founded in 2016? Really?

Research found a Facebook page for a RaBa but it doesn’t mention political research. It actually says “Rapid Agrobiodiversity Appraisal (RaBA);  RABA is a tool designed to assess the perspectives of concerned stakeholders related to biodiversity conservation and the possibility of acquiring payment for environmental services (PES) at any area found..” 

Digging further provided the answer to Who is RaBa.

The list of people involved in the “exciting new poll” shows it is stacked with NeverTrump activists and Democrats.

Here’s what a search of RaBa’s panel revealed:

1) “[Tim] Albrecht, 38, started in GOP campaigns in 1999, when he joined the Steve Forbes presidential campaign. Since then he has served in communications and advisory roles for the campaigns of Gov. Mitt Romney, Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, Congressman David Young and Gov. Jeb Bush.”  

(2) “Kim Alfano, the President and CEO of Alfano Communications. Since starting her firm in 1990, Kim's become one of the country's leading Republican media strategists.”
Research foundAlfano’s description of the choice between Trump and Ted Cruz as,  “We’re left with a bully and a zealot.”   

(3) Brad Anderson, Democrat: “Former Iowa state director for President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee for Iowa Secretary of State in 2014. Anderson has worked on local, national and international campaigns since 1997.”

(4) John Del Cecato, Democrat: “Partner at AKPD Message & Media. John has worked at the highest levels of Democratic politics for more than two decades.”

(5) John Davis, “Former Congressional Chief of Staff with over a decade of experience on Capitol Hill. Davis has worked on local and national campaigns across the country since 1999.”  Research found:  John Davis was Chief of Staff, Rep. Bruce Braley (D Iowa).

(6) David Kochel, “Owner of Redwave Communications, David has more than 30 years of political and public affairs experience serving as a senior consultant to many successful Republican and corporate clients across America.”
Research found: “David Kochel, a Republican strategist based in Iowa who worked on both of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns, is joining Jeb Bush’s political action committee as a senior strategist and is in line to serve as Mr. Bush’s national campaign manager.”  
Just today we saw the New York Post slip completely into the gutter. Its globalist, Cheap Labor Express conductor and owner Rupert Murdoch put naked pictures of Trump’s wife on the FRONT page. He then got the usually level headed Michael Graham to write about how Trump is equally bad as Hillary Clinton.

PANIC! Yes, pure run around bumping into walls and puking on their shoes PANIC is driving these people. 

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