Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NBC Online poll puts lie to media poll narratives: Trump 54% and Stein 20% leads Clinton

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times did Donald Trump and his supporters a great favor when he admitted the media was not being objective in its reporting on Trump. Last Sunday, without any self-consciousness, Rutenberg looked America straight in the eye and said, “Yes we lie for Clinton. What you are going to do about it?”   

His snarky “up yours” meshes perfectly with the polling fraud exposed in the DNC leaked Emails. They proved both CBS and NBC collaborate with the DNC to create false poll results favorable to Hillary Clinton.

Now comes an NBC online poll that is frankly astounding not only in its results but in the very fact that it is being run from yesterday and is still open as of this writing.

The current results of this poll are as follows: of 81,186 votes cast Trump has 43,545 giving him 54% Jill Stein 16226 for 20% Hillary Clinton 13,037 for 16% and Gary Johnson 8378 for 10% of the vote.  

We Trump supporters now have definitive forensic proof that the polls we are being fed by the large media outlets are universally faked.  A June 2015 New York Times article stated that just 8% of the people contacted by pollsters answer their questions. This leaves a huge 92% playground for the polling fraud we see has been established. 

The results of NBC’s poll destroy false media/Democrat narratives about their polls.

They argue: “Saying Trump does better in online polls is just a way to avoid the truth that he is losing.” Clearly this argument is no longer valid since Trump doesn’t just “do better” in this on line poll conducted by a major news organization, he laps the field.

They argue: “There are more anti-Trump than pro-Trump votes out there and their only worry is dividing their strength among Hillary supporters, Stein’s Green Party supporters and Johnson’s Libertarian supporters.” This argument has also been proved false as Trump beats the aggregate numbers of all three of his competitors in landslide fashion.  

They argue: “The strength of Gary Johnson is fueled by the deep well of NeverTrump sentiment among Republicans.” This too is a hollow argument because Johnson’s very poor showing proves that he remains the non-factor he always was.  

They argue: “The CNN poll showing 68% of voters don’t trust Hilary Clinton is an anomaly; not actually representative of voter sentiment”

Since 83% of voters in this NBC (Not Johnny’s Fruit Stand) poll voted against Hillary Clinton, maybe CNN’s failing was not picking up enough of the voter distrust of Clinton.      

Moreover, a strong case can be made that rather than Stein taking votes from Clinton, it is Clinton who takes votes from Stein while Johnson takes votes from nobody. 

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