Monday, August 1, 2016

Look what the media was hiding under their prayer rug: Hillary’s approval numbers falling

By Kevin “Coach” Collins
Remember the Democrat line that millennials love Hillary Clinton and will carry her to victory even as older voters are wisely turning away from her? A new Gallup survey shows that, like so much of what Democrats and their puppets in the media say, this just isn’t so. Gallup found that since January the favorable opinion of Clinton held by 18 to 29 year old voters has fallen 11 points, from 42% saying they had a favorable opinion of her then to just 31% saying the same today.  And younger voters are not alone in changing their feelings toward Clinton.  Among the next older group, those 30 to 49, Clinton’s approval rating has dropped from 45 to 41.
The voters in the 50 to 64 age group have soured on Clinton as well. Since March, their opinion of her has declined by the same 45 to 41%.  The favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton held by the oldest group surveyed, those 65 and over, has fallen 6 points since March and is now at 39%.  
The significance of these declines cannot be brushed aside. In 2012, 18 to 29 year olds were 19% of all voters and supported Barack Obama 60/37; those aged 30 to 44 who made up 27% of voters went for Obama 52/45 over the Republican candidate. This means that 46% of all voters backed the Democrat by 56/44.  With both of these groups now turning away from Clinton in substantial numbers and approving of her at an average of just 35.5%, she is in trouble.
This information was reported in Paul Bedard’s “Secrets” column and was accompanied by two anecdotes about the lack of enthusiasm among millennials specifically and Clinton supporters in general.  He said “Secrets, for example, sat with four young Democratic voters at a breakfast event Thursday and only one said they wanted to vote for her. At a Harvard University Institute for Politics youth town hall attended by Secrets, most Clinton supporters said they were not enthusiastic about her.”
The most telling metric in gauging how elections are likely to turn out is always enthusiasm. We have not seen many measurements of voter enthusiasm lately and it is easy to see why: neither the Clinton Campaign nor its media supporters want damaging information to reach the public.  

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  1. When they publish a poll now I immediately go to the internals.
    The skewing they are attempting, which isn't working, is scaring them to death.