Thursday, August 11, 2016

If a “Trump said macaca” lie falls in a newsroom, does anyone really hear it?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

During his losing 2006 campaign for re-election as a United States Senator from Virginia, George Allen noticed a little brown man following him from rally to rally. He made an off-hand remark calling the little man “Macaca” which the media researched and found meant female monkey in Portuguese. This set off a fake, media generated “firestorm” that put Allen into a downward spiral he never recovered from. He did all of the standard things; went on a Trent Lott Apology Tour and apologized to Macaca personally but to no avail.

Several times during Donald Trump’s campaign the media has been certain that he said “macaca” and each time they have been wrong. He said John McCain was not a war hero and because the media loved getting Democrat votes out of McCain they thought Trump’s supporters-- whom they still haven’t figured out--would turn on Trump. We didn’t because unlike them, we too know that McCain is not a war hero. One "macaca" down.

Next the media accused Trump of saying all Mexicans are criminals. The accusation was a lie and voters knew it just as well as the media types who made the claim. That “macaca” failed and actually launched Trump’s campaign instead of ending it. 

This has been followed by so many fake “macacas” that we cannot remember them all; but they have all failed to derail Trump because he is no George Allen.

During the Democrat Convention a Sharia agent hiding behind a book he KNOWS contradicts his Sharia Laws and therefore he would NEVER follow, attacked Trump. When Trump hit back, the newsrooms roared “macaca!” The Wile E. Coyotes in the newsrooms danced like Wolf Blitzer.  Nevertheless, now that the truth has made the KHAN job a laughing stock, another “macaca” has failed.

When the fake Khan “macaca” failed, the media invented a lie that Trump had “ordered a woman with a baby out of his rally.” The mother in the fake story has identified it as a lie; so this new “macaca” has failed as well.

This raises a question: If a “Trump said macaca” lie falls in a newsroom, does anyone really hear it?    

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