Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hillary's health: Such media cover-ups are nothing new

By Michael D. Shaw

A number of prominent conservative websites are beginning to allude to Hillary Clinton's health problems. Here is a recent posting detailing some of the issues, including the claim that a burly aid—always located close at hand—is carrying an emergency Diazepam syringe.

My personal feeling is that she does have a host of health problems, only these will be ignored by the elite media for as long as they can.

Certainly, such posturing on the health of presidents and candidates is nothing new. Woodrow Wilson's wife Edith was essentially co-president from October, 1919 through the end of his term in March, 1921. Wilson's poor health was a carefully guarded secret, despite the so-called media of time. Indeed, many historians peg the time that the media jumped the shark from news reporting to full-on bias to Wilson's presidency.

It was not at all well-publicized at the time that when FDR ran for his unprecedented fourth term, that he was a walking dead man; even more so at the fateful Yalta Conference. And, who can forget Robert Kennedy artfully denying that his brother (JFK) had Addison's Disease, or that he was on so many meds it would make your head spin.

The fact is, egomaniacal politicians lying about their health, with the full support of the media is nothing new. Sadly, this reflects a sick personality cult, and a perniciously wrongheaded notion of "greatness." In the present campaign, identity politics has reached such a fever pitch that a woman must be elected—never mind if she is a pathological liar and criminal.

Likewise, in the last campaign, a black guy had to be elected—never mind that the only experience he had was as a leftist community organizer. More than that, despite his myriad failures, he is never challenged by the fanboy-led media.

Still, activist websites should keep posting stories about Hillary's health, featuring expert commentary. There's always a chance that it could make a difference. That would be a first, but then, just about everything in this campaign is a first. 

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