Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hillary’s Attack Dog - The American Media

By Peggy Ryan

The New York Post hit new lows when they went after Donald Trump’s wife, Melania.  The Post sank to a level far below the tabloids they claim to despise by publishing Melania’s nude modeling photos.  At least we expect it from the tabloids; from a major newspaper it’s both disappointing and terrifying. 

The Post’s front page spread is significant beyond the attempted smear. It’s a snapshot in time, the moment when a major newspaper proudly waved the banner of biased coverage and shameful tactics to damage their opponent and elect their candidate; the moment when the press ripped off the mask of counterfeit objectivity to reveal their genuine role of Clinton attack dog.

But to the Post: If your intention in publishing these pictures was to make the case that Melania would damage or impugn the decorum of the White House then sorry, guys, you’re late to that party. 

Bill Clinton, the other would-be first spouse, already single-handedly trashed the White House reputation and forever lowered the bar of decency and dignity for White House occupants.  Well, maybe I shouldn’t say single-handedly since his wife, Hillary Clinton, not only allowed it, she helped quash the scandals while performing her stand-by-your-man routine on demand.  They are after all a team, two for the price of one, yada yada. 

But I digress. It’s Bill Clinton, who is the proven philanderer, debauchee and shameless rapist.  Of course we should have seen it coming from the time Bill Clinton stepped onto the world stage.  Oh wait, we did see it coming.

There was Gennifer Flowers who came forward to say that she had engaged in a 12-year sexual relationship with Clinton.  The Clinton machine used their media to attack Gennifer, her motives, her veracity, her life.  In the end they managed to suppress enough facts, conjure up enough doubt to get Bill through the primaries.  Other mistresses spoke up but were quickly silenced or discredited by the Clinton machine, labeled participants in the bimbo eruption.

So Americans, famous for not believing our lying eyes, pushed all the rumors and facts aside.  The mainstream media did their part, ignored the accusations and painted Bill as a young, smart, Governor; a rising star and The Comeback Kid.”  The media also subliminally made the case that no one really cares who the man slept with or sleeps with.  After all, he was going to be President not preacher.

But if Gennifer Flowers was a red flag, the ensuing scandals were flashing red lights, wailing sirens, and clanging alarm bells all wrapped in one.  Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick and others came forward with stories of a different Bill Clinton--a sexual predator, a cold and ruthless man who had sexually assaulted them.  Case by case the Clintons fought back, destroying Bill’s accusers and unbelievably prevailing, again and again and again.

But even with the unflinching support of the mainstream press, Bill managed to get in trouble--big trouble--that the media, in spite of record-breaking “revolutions,” could not spin him out of.  It turned out that that Bill’s proclivities for sexual encounters with anything with two legs (I think it’s limited to two) came back to haunt him in the form of Monica Lewinsky. 

Apparently, Bill’s trysts with the 21 year old Monica took place in the Oval Office of the White House.  It was the same Oval Office in which President Kennedy told us of the Cuban Missile Crisis; where President Nixon announced his resignation; President Reagan addressed the country following the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster and President Bush spoke to a shaken and enraged nation on the evening of September 11, 2001.

The Oval Office, the symbol of leadership, dignity and world power, the venerable icon of our American Presidency.  Yet Bill Clinton shamelessly perverted the Oval Office, used it like a cheap motel where you rent rooms by the hour. 

Personally, I’d put Melania Trump’s life story up against Bill Clinton’s any day of the week.  Melania is a woman who jumped through the many hoops of legal immigration because she wanted to comply with the law.  She is a woman who wouldn’t give the most eligible bachelor in New York--Donald Trump--her phone number when they met at a party because he brought a date.  She is a faithful wife and devoted mother who chooses to attend to their 10 year old son Barron rather than hit the campaign trail with her husband.  She is a woman who has been so active with charitable causes that the American Red Cross has awarded her the title of Goodwill Ambassador.

Compare that with Bill Clinton, a documented serial cheater who has a virtual mistress wall of fame, a man who’s been accused by multiple women of sexual assaults, who, along with his wife Hillary, worked to destroy any woman who came forward.  And his work for charity?  Ha! The Clinton Foundation is a shell corporation, a money-laundering mechanism for the Clintons personal enrichment (see Clinton Cash). 

Americans have allowed the left and the liberal media to silence our objections to Bill Clinton’s deviant behavior; it seems we’re not supposed to talk about it.  Sex doesn’t matter, adultery doesn’t matter, lying doesn’t matter, nothing matters if it’s the Clintons. 

But the transformation of our free press into a political arm of the Clinton campaign came at a high price—that being the news.  The media now suppresses news that can hurt Hillary and cherry-picks stories to prop her up.  They fabricate news to damage Donald Trump, work in tandem to trumpet his defeat at every juncture, bring his enemies on every show, do everything in their limitless power to defeat him.  They're no longer journalists, they’re political activists openly working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. 

So those nude photos of our prospective first lady aren’t the big issue here.  American media bias laid bare before the world is far more shameful.  The loss of an industry that kept us informed, which reported the actual news and stayed out of elections—this is the real scandal. It is a deliberate, deleterious assault on our freedom; that is the disgrace. 

If we value our freedom and our democracy we need to seek out the truth and fight an agenda-driven, media machine that covers for its candidate, blocks news from the public and fabricates stories in order to defeat political enemies. 

Our constitutional republic can’t survive an agenda-driven media that hides the truth, pushes propaganda and publishes lies.  We must demand honest, objective coverage; a free, open, but accountable press.  It’s the right of the people, the backbone of our political system and essential to America’s survival. 

“The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.” 

 -  Patrick Henry

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