Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble with Black voters and faked polls won’t change the truth

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The fake pollsters are in a panic over the terrible support numbers Hillary Clinton isgetting with Black voters. The truth is either being erased and smothered or nuanced into unrecognizable pap.

The party line is that Donald Trump gets between 5% and ZERO--yes ZERO--percent of the Black vote and these statements reek of fear and panic.

The truth is found in a growing number of honest polls which show Trump getting between 20% and 32% of the Black vote – yes 32%.  

Last week yet another poll from Florida gave Trump a small overall edge but reported him getting 20% of the Black vote to Hillary Clinton’s puny for a Democrat 68%.

These kinds of numbers have the pollsters so worried that they don’t know how to lie about them.

In some cases they are driven to insanity and actually publish polls that say Trump gets ZERO percent of the Black vote as Quinnipiac did for polls in Ohio and Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. In other cases they try to present the Black support for each candidate as if Trump could never win the election without getting at least 51% of the Black vote. This leads to reports saying, “Clinton has a commanding 68/ 20 lead over Trump,”  as if there were any way possible way Clinton could win with just 68% of what will certainly be a reduced Black voter turnout.

The problem for the fake pollsters is that the “Trump is doing well with Black voters,” mantra just won’t die. They can’t find a lie that will make it go away. It started almost a year ago when a national SurveyUSA poll reported in USAToday showed Trump getting 25% of the Black vote. Since then we have seen other polls of this kind including one done by Civitas in North Carolina showing Trump getting 32% of the Black vote.   

Recently, a Morning Consult poll showed Trump moving to within 3 points nationally but doing just 5% with Black voters. Holding that outlier 5% aside it says Clinton is getting 79% of the Black vote. They don’t (and will never will) tell us that the average Democrat percentage of the Black vote over the past four presidential elections was 90.5% including just 88% for John Kerry which, considering the closeness of the race (51/48 in favor of George W. Bush) might very well have cost him the election. Clearly if Hillary Clinton gets just 79% of the Black vote and Trump does nothing more dramatic than surpass the 10.3% Republicans have averaged in the last ten cycles, with even 15% of the Black vote he will be in very good shape; and Clinton will be in big trouble. 

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