Monday, August 22, 2016

Even the New York Times owned Boston Globe can’t swallow Clinton’s lies about her foundation

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The editorial board of the Boston Globe loves Hillary Clinton and would never do anything to harm her. Nevertheless, it is having a tough time making believe it swallows her lies or the lies the paper itself tells in defending the Clinton Foundation.  

In fact, they are so concerned about the problem the Clinton Foundation is causing Hillary Clinton’s campaign to be our next president that they have warned her to mend her ways. This, of course, is like telling a lion to stop eating everything in sight.  The Clintons are criminals who see only dollar signs in the world around them. They will never reform.

To soften the blow to Hillary’s ego the Globe mentions all the good things the Clinton Foundation does.  Before it prescribes a fix for the problem of every interested party concluding that the Foundation is a fraud, the Globe says it has “supported relief in Haiti.”

If they cared to do any journalism, in a few seconds they would have discovered the Clinton Foundation used the disaster in Haiti to set up a money laundering scheme that cheats the people and funnels money back to them. Other Clinton Foundation initiatives have been proved to be nothing more than show business or kick-backs. 

Notwithstanding these non-achievements, the Globe then gets to the heart of its problem with the Clinton Foundation by remarking, “It[the Foundation] also provided posts or paychecks for some members of the Clinton political team, like Cheryl Mills, Douglas Band, and Huma Abedin and afforded the former president a platform and travel budget. Many of the Foundation’s donations come from overseas including from foreign governments with troubling human rights records. 

The inherent conflict of interest was obvious when Hillary Clinton became secretary of state in 2009. She promised to maintain a separation between her official work and the foundation, but recently released emails written by staffers during her State Department tenure make clear that the supposed partition was far from impregnable. That was bad enough at State; if the Clinton Foundation continues to cash checks from foreign governments and other individuals seeking to ingratiate themselves with a President Hillary Clinton, it would be unacceptable.”

The Globe noted that the Clintons are promising to reform these practices after the election; and it asks, “Why wait?”

Is the Globe stupid, naïve or just complaining now in the middle of the summer so they can fend off charges that they never brought these things up?

The answer is probably “All of the above.” 

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