Friday, August 26, 2016

Even the Left is recoiling from Hillary’s cynical “free college for everybody” plan

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Notwithstanding the lies from her media steno pool, Hillary Clinton does not have high approval ratings among 18 to 29 year old voters. In fact her approval rating from this group has sagged from a high of 47% in July 2015 to just 31% last month.

This sharp drop among a group she MUST fool in order to win has probably forced her to recently propose free college for everybody; but the plan is so weak and shot through with obvious flaws that even her strongest supporters on the Left are panning it.

Writing for The Atlantic magazine, Ronald Brownstein said, “Expanding access to universities will only deepen existing problems and job shortages—not solve them.”   

He sees a bleak future for public universities because “… tuition-free for families with household incomes of $125,000 or less risks creating a “two-tier system, and more upper-middle-class students who now attend private schools may decide that Austin, Ann Arbor, or Berkeley are better bargains—and intensify competition for the limited slots available there.”

He further pointed out that, “… the costs of government-funded college tuition, both social and economic, are too great to overlook...”

The Detroit News has also expressed skepticism about Clinton’s plan saying, “If roughly 80 percent of U.S. families have tuition-free access to public universities, why would they send their children to the less glamorous vocational schools? [Clinton’s plan for] further expanding access to universities will only deepen existing problems and job shortages — not solve them.”

Even the always supportive New York Times said, “… Clinton’s plan would function as “an enormous bailout for states,” because those that have invested the least in their higher education systems tend to have higher tuition rates than states that heavily subsidize their schools.”

The truth here is that nothing of the sort would ever happen in a Clinton administration because it would stop the Democrat-college faculties’ money laundering kick-back scheme. Under this arrangement schools are encouraged to raise tuitions to prepare students for non-existent jobs and students are given more and more government loan money (an industry the government totally controls) to stay in school. The increased tuition money is funneled back to Democrats and the students are left to pay for their enslavement to socialism for the rest of their lives.

When you are a Leftist and you lose the New York Times on an issue you had better retool it or abandon it. Clinton seems unwilling to do either because the plan is a fake and only designed to fool frightened young people into thinking SHE, Hillary Clinton, will make their looming college loan debt nightmare go away.

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