Friday, August 19, 2016

Democrats just don’t want to act on sexual complaints from women, not even from “one of their own”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

When Democratic Convention delegate Gwen Snyder went to this year’s convention in Philadelphia she never expected to by sexually accosted by anyone, let alone a fellow delegate.  When she was sexually molested by the male delegate Snyder expected to be treated with respect and have her complaint taken seriously by Democrat District Attorney Seth Williams’ office. That is exactly what did not happen.

The determined Snyder called the Special Victims Unit in the belief that since she was the victim of a crime she had only to follow instructions to get justice. She was taken to the august sounding Philadelphia Sexual Assault Response Center and made her complaint against a fellow Bernie Sanders delegate. She described how on the night of July 27th she was criminally sexually touched against her will in a bar that was catering to convention goers.

Snyder also explained her complaint to Democrat Party officials including DNC staffers because she wanted her attacker to be stripped of his credentials and sent packing.

She even asked the hotel to kick the attacker out; then waited for action from all of the people she spoke to. Snyder is still waiting.

To Snyder everything was open and shut; but in the world of Democrat politics male sexual predators are protected and women are not believed.  The DA’s office declined to prosecute the man because he had been drinking excessively which of course was his story but it held up.  The Sex crimes unit in the D A’s office apparently doesn’t care that statistics show about 1 in 3 defendants in sexual assaults had been “drinking to excess.” 

The infuriated but naïve Ms. Snyder has written an open letter to Vice President Joe Biden and Democrat presidential candidate and known rape enabler Hillary Clinton seeking redress. She has even posted an online petition asking for help.  

None of her efforts have helped. In fact she was told to NOT go public with her story. This is another tale of justice denied in a case involving sexual miss-conduct by a protected Democrat even when the victim is supposed to be “one of their own.”

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