Friday, August 5, 2016

Democrats, it’s time to face the fact that Clinton is a classic, pathological liar in the clinical sense

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

It is not a good thing to have a president who is a pathological liar. Unfortunately we may get Hillary Clinton as our president, a woman who hits all the clinical milestones to be diagnosed as a pathological liar.

Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar and even a layman’s interpretation of the science of psychiatry proves it. Hillary lives in a fantasy world where whatever she says will be supported as the truth by a fawning media. She never has to concern herself with whether what she is saying is true – she would not know the truth anyway. In her mind, what she says is always the truth. Pathological liars are often antisocial; and Hillary’s well documented streams of foul curse words at those around her prove it.

Pathological liars are Narcissistic – which certainly describes Hillary Clinton.

They display conduct disorders acting child-like and selfish to the highest degree. Pathological liars will display all or most of these personality traits:  

 1) Narcissism or self-centered behaviors and thought patterns. CHECK
 2) Selfishness. CHECK
 3) Abusive attitude. CHECK
4) Obsessive, controlling, and compulsive in behavior.  CHECK
5) Impulsivity. This is the exception that proves the rule Hillary plans everything she does.
6) Aggressiveness. CHECK
7) Jealous behavior. CHECK
8) Manipulative behaviors. CHECK
9) Deceptiveness. CHECK
10) Socially awkward, uncomfortable is social situations or isolated. CHECK
11) Low self-esteem. CHECK
12) Temperamental. CHECK

Pathological liars like Hillary Clinton simply are not hard wired to ever tell the truth. They can’t help telling so many lies.

Pathological liars never regret any lie they tell. CHECK

Pathological liars like Hillary will harm everyone they come across in their lives. They will re-create and re-write the story surrounding any lie they tell. The Pathological Liar loves to watch honest people trying to make sense of the lie they just told. It is a sport for them.  

The goal of the Hillary Clinton type -liar may be sub-surface  but  the one constant is that whatever they just said was a lie. The Hillary Clinton type Pathological Liar will: study their listeners for their weaknesses. They have no empathy and can never put themselves in in place anyone else nor would they want to if they could.

You don’t have to Freud to see how well Hillary Clinton fits into the diagnosis of Pathological Liar; now the question becomes: What do we do about this.  

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