Saturday, August 13, 2016

Congress Concluded That CENTCOM Leadership Has Been Manipulating ISIS Intelligence

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

A House joint task force (JTF) investigating the manipulation of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) intelligence reports released its preliminary findings this week. Their report detailed persistent problems in 2014 to 2015 intelligence information being doctored to paint a rosier picture both of the White House’s war against the Islamic State and the analysis of U.S. efforts to train forces to combat the terrorist organization.   More than 50 intelligence analysts at CENTCOM are concerned that important elements of their reports had been manipulated by higher-ranking officials to fool the American public with claims that the Obama Administration had contained and was eliminating ISIS.  The JTF will continue to research the allegations of CENTCOM intelligence analysts.

The Defense Department inspector general will also continue to investigate the manipulation of Intelligence reports by CENTCOM leadership while at the same time looking for more whistle-blowers. The IG was alerted by the same CENTCOM intelligence analysts who presented their concerns to Congress. It has been suggested that the reports were manipulated at the behest of White House officials who didn’t want Obama to hear bad news about his policy concerning the fight against ISIS.  It has also been suggested that as long as the American Media isn’t on the ground reporting actual events, no-one will know the bad news. Of course, that assumes that the media would be willing to present stories unfriendly to the Administration; for example, that existing CENTCOM intelligence reports have been rewritten to present the notion that Obama’s fairy tale policy is winning the war against the terror group.

The 17-page House report does not suggest that the Obama Administration pressured the Pentagon or CENTCOM to manipulate intelligence as some critics had charged. Instead, blame was placed on military leadership.  The report sharply criticized former head of Central Command, Retired Gen. Lloyd Austin III by describing the “toxic” leadership environment during his command. The report contains intelligence analyst claims that senior leadership had altered or suppressed information to paint a better picture for the White House intelligence summary.  The reports portrayed unrealistic optimism concerning U.S. actions in the war on terror. Common sense dictates that   not all military operations can unfold according to plan and not all targets are destroyed for various reasons.

The official narrative is to tell the story that ISIS was the JV team and that Al Qaeda was on the run. Such reporting is dangerous and should awaken Americans to the tyranny of the White House. Reports clearly did not match what was happening on the ground in Syria and Iraq and false narratives were being sold to Congress and the American people. Such deliberate misrepresentations are reprehensible and dangerous.

However, given the upcoming election, it’s a safe bet that the truth will be ignored at least through November 5th

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