Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Are we seeing the beginnings of a third world like coup? Are they that dumb, that desperate?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

This is a perilous time we live in. We have tried to save our nation by nominating a candidate we know is not a member of the growing Uniparty. We are standing out in front of the country without any armor save for our enduring faith in the goodness of our country and her great capacity to overcome even the worst attacks.

Nevertheless, there is a lingering stench of corruption and Soviet style gang activity taking place right before our eyes. The media has abandoned any semblance of fairness and impartiality. They take increasing delight in lying to us while they sneer at our protests of their smothering the truth by calling us “naive.”

The polls the media are churning out don’t match the reality of the enthusiasm gap between supporters of their manufactured candidate and those who follow our popularly nominated candidate. Our candidate draws crowds; theirs does not. Their candidate can’t fill so much as a rally room. She has never had a line outside one of her “overflowing” rallies and probably never will because 68% of us don’t trust her. This is never reported in the media and never will be.  A close look at the internals of most of the polls they feed us every day shows deliberate over sampling of Democrats and under sampling of Republicans and Independents because the latter groups don’t support their candidate.   

Their candidate was exposed as a dangerous idiot who should never be allowed near a classified Email; yet the media shoves this under a rug, lying by omission.

The president, who has by any objective measure destroyed our nation and our national identity, has stooped to become the campaign manager for their candidate. She is that bad; that inept. He makes campaign speeches about her and lies to us with no self-consciousness, claiming there is no danger involved in importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic warriors who want to rape and murder those who will not convert to their dirty, fake “religion.”  He mocks political figures and taunts them in an attempt to get his candidate an edge. While he does, the co-conspirators in the media and the quisling class who should know better, ask no probing questions.  

Will the coming election be faked as well? Will they actually become so emboldened that they “call” the election for their candidate at 10:00 PM Eastern time? I’m very worried that they will. But this need not be. If we stand together and fight mightily like our lives and future depend on the outcome, we will win. We must fight like we have never fought before because they want to enslave us.  We are all alone in this fight; please don’t allow yourself to be side tracked and turned around by their attacks.  We need every patriot, young and old, to step up and fight.    

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