Friday, August 5, 2016

A Conversation on Race in America, Mr. Holder?

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

It was a while ago that our Attorney General, the one and only Eric Holder, claimed that Americans were a bunch of “cowards” for not wanting to have a conversation on the issue of race. Of course, for this administration a “conversation” on race means listen to what we say and worship at the altar of racial narratives which bear no resemblance to reality. Well I’m willing to join the discussion, but contrary to the wishes of Regime race baiters and progressive grievance mongers, I won’t bow to the narratives which have been developed during the Obama presidency.

Most Americans are discouraged about race relations in the U.S. In my lifetime I have not had any race-related problems with anyone “of color.” Maybe that’s because I was in the military for 20 years, an organization in which your progress—at least at the time--was based on merit and not skin color; or these days, gender. 

Anyhow, some points should be made.

First of all, let’s end the claims of victimization at the hands of Whites. Every time I hear Blacks complain about “Whitey” keeping them down, my first question is, how? And more to the point, what have you done for yourself, what has your community done? I’ve known many Blacks, again while in the military, that joined because the community they lived in would “pull them back” every time they tried to improve their lot in life. When even family and friends ridicule you because you want to better yourself, call you an Uncle Tom and put impediments in your way, it can hardly be claimed that the White Man is responsible for preventing your rise out of a bad situation.  

This administration has shown a disgraceful disregard for black families and a total lack of empathy for black youth who are searching for more than just a place to hang out; who want a job that they can use to move on, start a family and rise from sordid beginnings. Throwing money at the problem will not help, for new programs never address the fundamental lack of families in the nation and what that has done to our culture.

Since 2009, Education has received $100 billion from the stimulus and another $82 billion from the budget. Has it done any good? Where did the money go?  A school choice program in Washington, DC last year pulled a great many young people, many of them black, out of the sewer which is the DC school system. Many of the students excelled and the waiting list was long. So what happened? Obama cancelled the program, refusing to set aside funds.

Those same low income family members, empowered by an education that could lead to a productive life, have now fallen back into a system that is unionized and dedicated only to the continued growth of the Democrat Party. Let’s face the fact that left-wing politicians--whether in Washington or elsewhere--have no intention of providing a means of escape for young blacks who are trapped in inner cities across the country. Why would they! Blacks already vote at a 90% clip for Democrats; why provide a method by which even the smallest number of these Democrat Plantation residents might recognize the error of their ways?

The promotion of blame, guilt and a demand for reparations; a celebration of BlackLivesMatter and universal contempt for the nation’s police—these are part and parcel of today’s narratives on race.

But a “conversation on race in America,” Mr. Holder? That’s the last thing the far left is interested in promoting.

John Velisek--Twitter :sjspecialist

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