Tuesday, July 19, 2016

We can make him Paul CANTOR! Help us get rid of Ryan

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Let’s make Paul Ryan the new Eric Cantor. Please donate to his challenger Paul Nehlen at

Ryan’s lies are catching up to him. He is locked in a primary fight that, with your help, he can easily lose. A new poll in his district shows his challenger Paul Nehlen has closed up 30 points in the last six weeks and has Ryan down to 43% support. Nehlen is just 11 points down at 32%. With a huge 25% “undecided” it is very easy to envision the normal 70% of undecided voters who go to a challenger, going to Nehlen and putting him just a point behind.

This drop in the polls has caused a panicky Ryan to send out a direct mail piece that is full of lies. It talks about how he wants to “secure the border” which is Republican code language for “tell them what they want to hear then screw them after you are elected.”

This lie is especially infuriating because it was Ryan who saw to the passage of a spending bill handed to him by Barack Obama, the leader of the Uniparty he serves. It funds open borders, sanctuary cities, executive amnesty and releasing criminal illegal aliens into American towns across the country.

In a breathtaking “in your face” challenge to his districts intelligence Ryan wrote that a month after his re-election he will bring up a “criminal sentencing” bill.  As written that bill could and likely would, end up releasing thousands of criminal illegal aliens dumping them on our streets free to victimize us at will.

This is a perfect opportunity to graphically express just how fed up we are with Uniparty lies about immigration, amnesty, prosecuting the criminals in the IRS and VA and all the other double dealing we have gotten from the Republicans.

Please give to Paul Nehlen’s campaign and encourage other patriots to do so as well. It will also send a chill down Hillary’s spine to see Ryan upset in Wisconsin, a state Democrats are supposed to win.

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