Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tim Kaine’s ratings: those who like him don’t like America

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

When Hillary Clinton said Tim Kaine is everything Donald Trump and Mike Pence are not she swerved into the truth. A quick look at everything she and Tim Kaine represent proves she is right although not in the sense that she meant.

Here is a list of the groups and organizations that like and don’t like Democrat Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine.

As a Democrat the putative Catholic Kaine gets his requisite 100% rating from the baby murderers at Planned Parenthood; and the Wildlife crowd (animals are always more important to Democrats than actual people) gave Kaine a 91%. The National Right to Life Committee 0%; Family Research Council 0%. NARAL Pro-Choice America 100%; Concerned Women for America 0%; the American Family Association 0%.

Since the Associated Builders & Contractors want to be able to build up America and repair our deteriorating infrastructure, Democrat Kaine is against what they stand for. After all, it’s better for his Party to point to America’s decline. The AB&C gave Kaine 0%. 

The Brady Campaign gave gun grabbing Kaine a 100% rating for his rabid anti-second Amendment positions. Gun Owners of America 10% National Rifle Association 7%.   

The ACLU gave Kaine a 76% rating – low for a Democrat but high enough to show us where he stands.

Americans for Prosperity gave Kaine a ZERO percent rating for his continued attacks on its efforts to pull America out of our economic tailspin.

Freedom Works 0%.

National Taxpayers Union 11%.

Citizens Against Government Waste 9%; Club For Growth Lifetime 3%. 

NumberUSA – which fights illegal alien immigration 0%.

National  Iranian American Council 100%.  

American Immigration Lawyers Association 100%

National Hispanic Leadership Agenda 100%

Center for Security Policy 0%.

National Education Association (teachers’ union lobby) 100%.  

National Tax Limitation Committee gave Kaine a 6% rating – he is a Democrat after all.

Competitive Enterprise Institute Workplace Choice position 0%.

The contrast between the candidates for the two major Parties is sharper today than it has been since Ronald Reagan’s days. They want open borders amnesty and an end to the Second Amendment. We want babies to be protected; they want to murder babies.

They want teachers unions to continue to destroy our public schools and want to tax us to death.  They don’t recognize the danger we are in; in fact, they think “the world has never been safer.”  

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