Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tim Kaine: ISIS candidate, one heart beat from Oval Office

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Why was there not a single mention of ISIS during the first 2 nights of the Democrat Convention that will name Tim Kaine, a Senator from Virginia, as their Vice Presidential candidate? Consider who Kaine is and you will understand this glaring omission. 

Just weeks after the September 11, 2001 sneak attack by Muslim terrorists that killed 3000 Americans, Kaine stood on a stage with Jamal Barzinji, a man named by Global Muslim Brotherhood Watch as a “founding father of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.”  

Between 2003 and 2005 Barzinji’s organization directly donated $43,050 to Kaines campaign for governor of Virginia. They also gave another $257,000 to the Virginia Democrat Party which then funneled at least some of it back to Kaine. 

In 2011, Barzinji’s organization, donated $10,000 to the New Dominion PAC, a Muslim group which had honored Barzinji. Kaine spoke at that event.

Another Muslim group in Virginia, the Muslim American Society (MAS) claims credit for registering 65,000 Virginia Muslims to help Kaine and other Virginia Democrats win and maintain power.

In 2007, in a blatant “in your face” to Americans, Kaine appointed the president of the MAS to the Virginia Commission on Immigration. This was AFTER the Muslim, Dr. Esam Omeish, had made a video “accusing Israel of genocide against Palestinians and exhorting Muslims to "the jihad way." Also in 2007, Kaine helped his Muslim terror-connected pals by being the keynote speaker at the MAS's Freedom Foundation "Standing for Justice Dinner." He was photographed with leaders of the group, including Imam Mahdi Bray, the executive director of the foundation.

In 2008 a federal prosecutor stated that MAS was “founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.” As far back as 2004, a Chicago Tribune article pointed to the Muslim American Society as a crafty front to appear moderate. 

Kaine’s MAS connections are very deep and go back a long way. 

In an online video of a 2000 rally in Washington, Abdurahman al-Amoudi, who would later plead guilty to charges of funneling money from Libya to Saudi militants, took to the podium and declared his support for Hamas and Hezbollah.

"I have been labeled by the media in New York to be a supporter of Hamas. Anybody support this Hamas here?" al-Amoudi says in the video, drawing cheers from the crowd and fist pumps from  Mahdi Bray.

"I wish the added that I am also a supporter of Hezbollah. Anybody supports Hezbollah here?" he asks, drawing more cheers and fist pumps.

At that time a Virginia Republican complained, "It is clear that Governor Kaine and the Democratic Party sought the support of radical individuals who could turn out votes in his election. According to Mahdi Bray, the governor received that support." 

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