Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thugs, Bigots & Subversive Traitors; the 200yr history of the Democrat Party

The Dirty, Locked Away History of the Democrat Party...: How the Alleged Party of the Little Guy Has Been a 200 Year Parade of Crooks, Thugs, Bigots & Subversive Traitors

by Kevin "Coach" Collins


Folks if you want Hillary Clinton in the White House then this book-The Dirty Locked Away History of the Democrat Party-How the Alleged Party of the Little Guy Has Been a 200 Year Parade of Crooks, Thugs, Bigots & Subversive Traitors will give you an ulcer. Those who think America is headed downhill to third world, banana republic status on roller skates and want America to return to greatness then grab this 48 hour FREE BOOK OFFER!!! Click on the link at the bottom of the page FOR YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD.

Read this devastating, hard hitting little classic that at last reveals the true nature of some of the unforgettable figures who have become inseparable from American political history. Great folk like Andrew "CYA" Jackson; Aaron "traitor maximus" Burr; the miserable Franklin Pierce; Supreme Court Justice Roger Taney (the bane of poor Dred Scott); the disastrous James Buchanan (America´s first gay president?); Grover "draft dodger" Cleveland; Woodrow "Jim Crow" Wilson down to Franklin "send him to combat till he dies" Roosevelt; Harry "keep Ike icey" Truman; Bill & Hillary "F_ _ _ yourself" Clinton and of course the intellectually prodigious Barack "57 states" Obama, our Teleprompter president.  You´ll learn of nefarious deeds; the early days of "affirmative action" when white salaried workers at the White House were fired to make room for James Polk's slaves (was that to ease the tax burden on We the People, Mr. President?); what LBJ REALLY felt about black people and other appalling anecdotes about the disgraceful, Democrat Party. Discover that Joe McCarthy WAS right--that communists were swarming Washington, D.C. like ants on a sidewalk Twinkie; learn the truth behind infamous, presidential pardons and decades of media cover-ups. Essential reading for those who still doubt that the party of Hillary Clinton is plagued by crooks, thugs, bigots, liars and subversive traitors. Offer good till Thursday the 28th at midnight. The Dirty Locked Away History of the Democrat Party. Click link at the bottom of the page to download FREE. 

About the author:

Kevin "Coach" Collins, author of: The Dirty Locked Away History of the Democrat Party, is a former Vietnam Era Marine with a doctorate in Public Administration and a retired NYPD Honor Legion street cop who taught 16 years as an adjunct professor of behavioral psychology at schools around the NYC area-including St. John´s University; a member of Mensa; a savvy basketball coach and member of the Sons of the American Revolution; a man whose message about America is aimed at Millenials & Baby Boomers with the same message that WE all must join hands to help save America. Collins well footnoted book is sparking a political battle royale at a national level. Collins is a seasoned radio show guest and regular on both local and national shows such as Bill Martinez Live; Chuck Wilder, Talk Radio Hall of famer Barry Farber and the Jerry Doyle radio programs.
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