Friday, July 1, 2016

The truth about Clinton’s alarmingly poor numbers

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

With her ship slowly but steadily sinking it is more and more difficult for the media to hide the numbers of Hillary Clinton’s failures in a way that can fool people.

A recent CBS poll makes this point.

It starts by saying Donald Trump is leading Clinton among Evangelicals 62/17 which of course is good news for Trump; but it gets worse for Clinton. In the last four elections, Democrats averaged 42% of Evangelical support and Republicans averaged 58%.  As a well-known quantity, Clinton has got to be seen as the “incumbent.” History tells us that “undecideds” go to the challenger about three to one.

Since CBS’s numbers show 21% “undecided,” if Trump can pick up 3 of 4 of these voters, he’ll win Evangelicals 77/23.

CBS then reports Clinton gets 31% of White men, a very generous number but still not enough for her win; Trump’s current 51% of White men leaves 18% undecided which is hard to believe given that Clinton has done nothing to endear herself to White men. Last October, a Wall Street Journal survey found that just 26% of White men support Clinton.  It also found Clinton leading with White women by only 43/35 which is way short of what she needs to overcome Trump’s lead with White men.

The same WSJ report made the point that if Clinton can match Barack Obama’s overall 39% of the White vote she will need the support of 75% of nonwhites next November.  

The chances of Clinton reaching either of those required numbers are very slim. A Fox News Latino report on their own survey, released 2 weeks ago, found Trump getting 37% of the Hispanic vote and 26% of Black voter support. With 25% of Hispanics and 22% of Blacks “undecided” Clinton will have a long hard pull to get 75% support of nonwhites to offset her White support that will certainly be substantially less than 39%.

CBS offered a final bit of bad news for Clinton by reporting that only 76% of women of all political views are “ready” to elect a woman as our president. This means of the 43% of women who support Clinton over Trump, only 33 of each 100 “are ready to elect a woman as our president.” And the Gowdy report on Benghazi has just been released.

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