Friday, July 15, 2016

Texas professor claims concealed carry will force her to give A’s or get shot

By Doug Book, Editor

Jessica Smartt Gullion, an assistant professor at the Texas Woman’s University, has decided that allowing students to carry concealed weapons would force the school’s educators to give students higher grades than they deserve.

On August 1st, the state’s campus carry law goes into effect, allowing individuals with a concealed carry license to carry a firearm in all 4 year colleges and universities throughout the state. University of Texas professors Lynn Glass, Lisa Moore and Mia Carter decided to file a lawsuit, asking for an injunction to prevent the law going into effect. They contend that the presence of guns in their classroom will “…chill speech in their ‘courses that touch emotional issues like gay rights and abortion.’”  Funny, isn’t it though, that the people who can really be counted on to respond to emotional issues with some degree of violence are inevitably liberals!

In an article published by Newsweek and the Houston Chronicle, Professor Gullion declared that “…a question coming up for many academics is whether they would be forced to give A grades to undeserving students, just so they can avoid being shot.” The professor continues with:

In my five years as a college professor, I have had experiences with a number of emotionally distressed students who resort to intimidation when they receive a lesser grade than what they feel they deserve…

Allowing students to carry weapons to class strips off a layer of safety. Students are often emotional and can be volatile when it comes to their GPAs. Who would want to give a student a low grade and then get shot for it?    

So according to the professor, students with a concealed carry license will intimidate instructors into giving them higher marks. Throw in the loss of that valuable “Gun Free Zone” guarantee of safety and it stands to reason these poor teachers should be all a flutter!

Never mind that the average American with a license to carry a concealed weapon is more law abiding than those without.  Or that the “Wild West” scenario brought up by liberals at the very mention of concealed carry never seems to pan out according to their predictions. In fact, 10 years after the 1996 Concealed Handgun Act was passed in Texas, handgun murders had declined 18%.  

Professor Gullion is an assistant professor of sociology, the study of social behavior and society. It’s described as “a social science that uses various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis;” empirical being defined as “originating in or based on observation or experience,” rather than theory.

In her Newsweek article, the professor relates the story of 3 professors who were shot by aggrieved students. She goes on to mention that each of the universities at which the shootings took place was located in a state which did not permit firearms on campus. According to observation and experience, Ms. Gullion’s Gun Free Zones were not a success in preventing people getting shot.   

Empirically speaking, Professor Gullion seems to follow the pattern of all liberals, that being to announce a theory, followed by the wholesale manufacture of any set of propositions necessary to make it appear plausible; “observation and experience” be damned.


  1. This person is too dumb to be a Professor.

  2. Lets see if i get this right:
    She is afraid of a person carrying a weapon that is licensed, and registered to the carrier so they can be identified, and which makes a humoungous loud noise in a small room...
    a person who has a stolen gun, no one knows they have, is not registered to them, and can be discarded at will with no connection?
    a kid with a piece of pipe

    sure... lets let such people teach