Friday, July 8, 2016

Size does matter especially when considering sample sizes in a poll

By Kevin “Coach” Collins                 

The phrase is “psy-ops.” In military parlance what the Democrat controlled pollsters have been pulling on us is called “psy-ops.” Psy-ops are short for psychological operations – messing with your enemy’s mind to drain his will to fight.

Lately the clearest example of enemy pys-ops has been practiced by Reuters who lied by reporting that Hillary Clinton was leading Donald Trump by 14 points. This was supposed to cause a massive collapse of morale among Trump supporters which would have been the predictable result; but nothing of the sort happened.

Oh of course there were those on our side who are so wounded by years of Clinton lies and deceit that they have become blind to the truth that neither of these criminals is the Wizard of Oz and the Clintons can and will be defeated.  That panic quickly subsided because of the heavy handedness of the lie. Even those who don’t follow politics closely instinctively knew a spread like that smells like yesterday’s fish sandwich left out overnight.  Enter our friends at Gateway

They did some digging and found that the numbers of Democrats and Republicans in the Reuters survey was even more lopsided than we thought.  They discovered that while Reuters spoke to 1,201 people 626 were Democrats and just 423 were Republicans so 52% were Democrats and 35% Republicans. In light of the truth of these numbers Clinton’s lead at 47/33 is sickly. With a huge advantage of Democrats she still could not get more than 47%!

Allen West examined the Washington Post’s fake poll and had a similar truth to report. While Clinton led 51/39 the skew against Republicans and Independents was outrageous.  It used 36% Democrats 33% Independents and just 24% Republicans in their poll.  This goes counter to Gallup’s finding that voters are divided 29% Democrats 26% Republicans and 42% Independents a group that favors Republican Trump 58 / 21 as per new Fox News poll.

The pollsters are stuck between a rock and a hard place: Tell the truth and damage Clinton – lie too much and damage her even more by revealing how much trouble she is really in.

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