Monday, July 4, 2016

Our Independence Day; our Second American Revolution

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Today is the day that we Americans re-proclaim our independence. The conditions we live under today are in many ways the same as those our forefathers had to endure in 1775 when they took up arms to fight to live as free people. At that crucial point in our history we had to decide to either meekly submit to the tyranny of an unelected monarchy with its oppressive foot on our throat; or stand and fight risking everything including even more oppression if we didn’t win.

When we started our First American Revolution in 1775, winning was as doubtful as winning this, our Second Revolution appeared to be in 2015. We knew we wanted freedom; that was a given. Nevertheless, at either point, we had no leaders, just fakers and Judas Goats trying to subvert our struggle. That ended when George Washington stepped forward then and Donald Trump stepped forward last June.  

Since the day last June when Trump took up the challenge to lead our Second American Revolution against the most powerful political army in the free world, we have grown in strength and numbers. Just as in 1775 when we would not stand for a political structure dictating every aspect of our lives, we will not tolerate having a coalition of two political parties, now merged into a Uniparty, dictating every aspect of our lives today.   

Now as in 1775 we must fight some of our own people who desperately want to remain in a comfortable and subservient status quo to satisfy their own selfish interests.  As in 1775 we have to deal with some of our fellow countrymen who are indifferent to either cause and are therefore waiting meekly to fall in line behind our banner or the Uniparty’s.

Determination, luck and help from unlikely sources brought us victory in our First American Revolution; and it is likely that these factors will bring us to freedom in our Second American Revolution.

Happy Independence Day to all patriots.  Let those wishing us harm be forewarned: The day of reckoning is coming and we will turn your world upside down. 

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