Tuesday, July 5, 2016

No Rush, the Clintons aren’t “playing us;” those days are long gone

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

A favorite little “trick” we play on two year olds in my family is “I got your nose” where you put your hand on the child’s face and pull it away with your thumb sticking out between your index and middle finger. You show the tip of your thumb to the child and say, “I got your nose.” The child then puts his/her hand up and on finding a nose we both laugh. If this is tried on a three year old the kid looks at you like you’re insane.

Rush Limbaugh is convinced the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch can somehow fool people and the stunt will benefit Hillary Clinton.  It will not.  The Clintons live and conduct themselves in the world of Old Politics. In such a world they could get the media to twist the story so people would believe the meeting was one of pure chance and because they are such honorable people, they neither said nor did anything to taint the Comey investigation. But that won’t work. 

The truth is that they likely did not talk about the investigation because doing so would be totally unnecessary.  But of far greater importance is the fact that this Clinton “I got your nose trick” will backfire into a “Heads Trump wins; Tails Hillary loses.”

The public indictment of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump has rendered the Comey findings irrelevant. Both Limbaugh and his guest J. Christian Adams are completely missing the point that in politics, perception is reality. This principle, which has always saved the Clintons in the past, will now sink them because people will see only another Clinton trick rather than what the media insist they should see. The Clinton/Lynch stunt could only work if people basically believe the Clintons to be honorable, which they do not.

However Trump paints this development, Hillary Clinton will lose. The woman who trails used car salesmen in trustworthiness will not be able to defend anything Trump charges her with because she is not a believable or likeable person.

Sorry Rush, but you got it wrong this time.  

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