Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New Public Policy Poll is great news for Trump, terrible news for Clinton

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Last week Public Policy Polling, an acknowledged Democrat supporting firm, released the results of its latest poll measuring the relative support for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with some references to Gary Johnson who might win his hometown.

The news could not have been better for Trump. It showed him trailing Clinton 45/41 at a point in this race where Hillary Clinton is supposed to be pulling away.  It cavalierly compares the current race to the 2012 election as if there is no difference between Donald Trump and the hapless stumblebum Mitt Romney or between Black male Barack Obama and the very flawed Hillary Clinton, the first presidential candidate to be the subject of an active FBI investigation during a campaign.

Like college students trying to get over by turning in a paper written a few years ago by a frat brother, PPP next rolls out numbers for major demographic groups that are statistically the same as Barack Obama got in 2012.

As if nothing has changed they say Clinton leads 82/13 lead with Hispanics 91/5 with Blacks and 51/37 with women. Of course PPP is the only polling company who cannot find the 26% of Blacks or 37% of Hispanics Fox New Latino found that support Trump.  

PPP then tells us a fairy tale about Trump being up only 48/37 with men. They should have read Quinnipiac’s recent poll showing Trump crushing Clinton with a record setting 60/26 lead among White men. Yes it is of White men, but since Whites are more than 2/3 of the population mixing in even the fake numbers from PPP doesn’t help Clinton very much.

The Q-poll “White women support Trump” shows him down just 41/40 which is another contradiction to PPP’s number showing Clinton leading women 51/36.  

None of these fanciful numbers from an acknowledged, Democrat supporting firm are good for Hillary Clinton. We are in the first week of July and she is now further away from beating Trump than she was until this point. The predictions that she would have a genuine 10 point lead over the Republican nominee appear to have been wishful thinking on the part of the left. She is going in the wrong direction. Trump is gaining strength.    

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