Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lots of good news for Trump in Rasmussen latest poll results

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The not good news for Donald Trump in the latest Rasmussen is that with only a 42/40 lead he is now statistically tied by Hillary Clinton. Aside from that, many of the internals in this report are good for Trump.

The 5% of “undecided” voters is good news because so often “Undecideds” go to the challenger and given Hillary Clinton’s years in the public eye, she has to be seen as the “incumbent.”  That would put Trump ahead by the margin of error.

Trump is now supported by 73% of Republicans which means he will get a rocket boost when those who backed other candidates in the Republican primaries realize that not voting or actually voting for Hillary Clinton will destroy our country merely to satisfy their selfish and childish anger over losing. 

The number of people who think she lied about her role in Benghazi is at 49% and since Trump has not beat this drum very hard that number could easily be pushed up to 55% - dangerous territory for Clinton.

Clinton is already seriously underwater (54% to 37%) in public opinion about whether or not she should have been indicted. 

The survey found 50% of those surveyed think the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) needs to be renegotiated; and just 27% are against doing so. With 23% undecided, a little bit of education about how NAFTA has hurt average Americans could easily make this a 60% supported issue for Trump. 

The percentage of people who think Clinton “likely broke the law” has increased from 25% in January to Sixty Five percent currently (before the Comey questioning by Congress).

Trump holds a 20 point lead among men and Clinton leads among women by 13 points. Both of these numbers are winning positions for Trump as numerous other surveys have found much larger leads among men for Trump. 

A majority of those surveyed would be willing to pay more for goods so they could help bring back manufacturing jobs to America. Additionally a majority of respondents don’t see Clinton adding Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to her ticket as a plus.  

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  1. Except that Rasmussen has been an outlier since before 2012.