Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How the Republican quislings factor is skewing the polls

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Last week, the Rasmussen poll-which the media says has a 3.1% bias in favor of Republicans-foundDonald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by 7 points.   And someone has forgotten to send instructions to the LA Times because their poll shows Trump leading by 3 points. 

Three MSM polls have Donald Trump trailing Hillary Clinton by between 3 and 7 points.       

Looking at the few internal numbers these polls provide makes one wonder how CNN reports Clinton up 49/42; NBC/ASJ Clinton up 46/41 and ABC/WaPo Clinton up 47/43.

These offerings beg the question: How did they arrive at these numbers? The answer seems to be the “quisling factor” among some Republicans.

Among NBC’s respondents 78% said the Republican Party is not unified. ABC/WaPo foundthat 54% of the Republicans responding wanted another candidate. If that doesn’t skew a poll what does? CNN was skewed by the same quisling factor.

 It found 44% of Republicans would prefer another candidate and just 56% are happy with Trump as their nominee.

Nevertheless, last week ABC reported 56% of respondents said they would worry if Hillary Clinton was the president; and 56% think she should be indicted.

So 56% would worry about a President Clinton but she still leads in their polls.  Adding to ABC’s tangled web, its poll shows a 47/43 lead for Clinton. But in spite of a 10 point over sample of Democrats, ABC still shows Trump cutting Clinton’s 12 point lead in their last poll down to just 4 points today.   

NBC/WSJ’s poll showing Clinton up 46/41 reports Trump leading among Whites by a margin of just 50/37 which is laughable. This would mean the hapless Mitt Romney (59/39) would have done better!

The damage the “NeverTrumps” are doing is real and must be watched. Trump will still win – given the weakness of Hillary Clinton and the current, disastrous state of world affairs it is almost impossible for him not to. Nevertheless, time, money and effort will be wasted on people who still think they can help America by “teaching us a lesson” and electing Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama’s third term. 

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