Friday, July 29, 2016

How much good did Trump's convention acceptance talk do him? Plenty!

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

By now CNN knows it made a big mistake by doing a poll immediately after Donald Trump’s acceptance talk the other night. The smug punks at Hillary Clinton’s cheer leading network thought that because THEY hate Trump naturally everyone else does as well. BIG MISTAKE!

The puppets of the Democrat Party (as proved by Wikileaks) conducted their poll and then got stuck explaining how 75% of their respondents saw the talk as positive even as media panel members were making fools of themselves attacking it as “dark” and Nixon-like.”

While the results were filled with lots of great news for Trump and his running mate Indiana Governor Mike Pence, the very best news was an overwhelming 56% who liked what they heard so much that they were willing to say it made them more likely to vote for the Trump/Pence team.

Of course the liberal apologists at CNN howled and protested that obviously more Republicans were watching and they lied about their real feelings which were to vote for Trump all along. But that theory begs a question or two: How did CNN manage to find all those Trump committed supporters for this poll but not for their regular polls; and how can they say that NO Democrats who were on the fence were watching so therefore none were converted?

The fact is that at a 56% reported conversion rate Trump realized a net gain from over 14.8 million new voters. This is because the viewership of 32.2 million breaks down to 18 million saying they have now come down on Trump’s side and 3.2 million saying they are now less likely to vote for the Republican candidate with the rest unmoved either way.  

Fifty-six percent of 32.2 million viewers translates into 18 million viewers who are more likely to vote for Trump. Subtract the 3.2 million who are now less likely to vote for Trump and he is left with a net positive of 14.8 million viewers who were more likely to vote for Trump as a result of the speech.

If just half of these people actually do support Trump/Pence, the 7.4 million additional votes on Election Day will be more than enough to surpass the 4.8 million edge Barack Obama had over the hapless Mitt Romney in 2012.

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