Wednesday, July 6, 2016

“Hey I didn’t get indicted!” is not a winning campaign slogan

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

First let’s get this straight: FBI Director James Comey did not do a huge favor for Hillary Clinton. He found a way to weasel out. Now we know why it took him so long to make his statement. He found a way to split the baby. But the truth was and still is that this investigation remains a “Heads Donald Trump wins; Tails Hillary Clinton loses.”
Comey did not recommend Clinton be indicted; but that does not mean he did not destroy her politically. Under the rules of Old Politics this would have ended this matter. Nevertheless, Trump refuses to play under the rules of Old Politics.  “It is possible hostile [actors] gained access to Hillary Clinton’s Emails,” is a phrase that Comey used to excuse Clinton and Trump will use to kill her. Clinton is now wounded and since she was not indicted, she cannot play the martyr to fire up her troops. If the best you can say is, “I didn’t get indicted,” you’re in trouble. Hillary is in trouble.

Comey proved Clinton lied when she said under oath that she never sent “classified” Emails.  He pointed out that she was guilty of gross negligence by sending sensitive Emails from an unsecured server while in unfriendly counties. He stated that he had no way to determine if she had been successfully hacked because such a hack would have been sophisticated enough to go undetected. Talk about damning material!

James Comey is lying by omission because he took it upon himself to re-write federal laws regarding the handling of top secret material. This does nothing to help Clinton with the “I’m Untrustworthy” sign she has hanging around her neck.   

A recent Quinnipiac poll found that Clinton’s numbers on trustworthiness are upside down, at 57/37; another poll found LIAR and DISHONEST as the first words that come to mind when thinking about Hillary Clinton. Even an NBC poll found just 19% of respondents would describe Hillary Clinton as “Straight forward.”

When Comey said she was extremely careless about handling top secret documents and should have known better, he severely damaged Clinton’s campaign mantra that it is Donald Trump who does not have the temperament to be president.

For decades the Clintons have hidden behind “You can’t prove that!” to deflect their obvious guilt. Americans have already shown that they have grown tired of this and have turned on her.

The “undecideds” in these polls will not be favorably impressed.

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