Monday, July 25, 2016

Clinton burning through $500,000 per day on ineffective attack ads that seem to be making Trump Stronger

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The frustration that Hillary Clinton is feeling as she chases Donald Trump around the battleground state must be palpable. Make no mistake, the “scientific” polls showing her ahead of Trump aren’t fooling Hillary. She knows she’s trailing already. Clinton’s situation reminds us of the old story about the dog food CEO who holds an emergency meeting because sales are stagnant.

With fire in his voice the CEO screams at his executive core asking: Why, if they have the best packaging; the best placement and the best prices are sales flat?

No one wanted to speak but after a minute of silence a janitor who was working in the next room yells over, “Because the dogs don’t like the food!”

In one recent 12 day period Hillary put up 1,883 ads attacking Trump in Ohio where they are tied in some polls and Trump is leading in some others. In Florida she put up 1,263 attack ads, 1/3 of them in Palm Beach County where she should not have to spend a dime. Several recent polls show Trump leading in Florida while a few others show the candidates in a dead heat.

Other telltale spending packages initiated by Clinton are all in heavily Black southern cities.  Consider these TV ad packages: Mobile Alabama 379, Norfolk Va. 422; Greensboro North Carolina 459 and Raleigh (a White, liberal city) North Carolina 649. This is July. If Hillary Clinton is spending money appealing to Blacks in Alabama, a state she has no chance of winning, she is very concerned about the Black vote and unable to believe the polls. She is spending big in North Carolina and is losing ground. She is spending heavily in Virginia and is falling behind.      

In the bellwether counties in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia and in five other states being tracked, Hillary Clinton is losing ground; losing ground in each of them. 

The question now has become: How much will Hillary have to spend to change people’s minds? If she was coming door to door selling her policies in one to one interviews could she make the sale?  So far nothing indicates she could.  

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