Monday, July 11, 2016

Are pollsters boosting Libertarian Johnson to get him into debates to attack Trump?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Be wary of polls showing Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson creeping up to 5%. The purpose of this trick is to get him on debate stages to tag team with Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump. The plan is simple: take a crash dummy candidate only on the ballot in 27 states, and fake his support numbers to get him past the 5% threshold for a position on a debate stage.

It is a beautiful plan we cannot allow to work. The more time Johnson eats up with stupid answers and cross talk over Donald Trump’s answers, the less time Hillary Clinton will be exposed as a fraud. Johnson’s job will be to act as Clinton’s tag team partner against Trump and make a farce of each debate.

Johnson will have no business being on a debate stage with Clinton, let alone Trump, but he will be there if the pollster/debate moderator scheme works.  

Few Americans have even heard of the Libertarian Party let alone its presidential candidate former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. It is statistically very doubtful if not impossible that an honest pollster could find enough respondents supporting the Libertarian Party to register anything other than a trace number; certainly not the 5% that a new YouGov Poll has.   

The Libertarian Party drew less than 1 % in the 2012 election. It is on the ballot in just 27 states.  If not to fake enough support to put Johnson on a stage with Trump and Clinton how else can his 5% support be explained?

The answer is simple. The polls will create a fake “ground swell” for Gary Johnson who is a real life Chauncey Gardiner and use him as a kamikaze on a debate stage with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Johnson will be Clinton’s partner asking Trump stupid questions and soaking up as much time as possible so Clinton can run out the clock and dash off the stage without having to answer questions either from the fake moderators or from Trump. The debates will be “fixed” if we let them be.      

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