Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Another awful week for Hillary Clinton

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Last week was another particularly bad week for Hillary Clinton. The media can make believe all they want, but she got pummeled.

First, FBI Director James Comey announced she shouldn’t be indicted, then goes on to establish that she should be indicted by laying out chapter and verse how she failed to properly handle sensitive Emails; and by using an unsecured server in foreign, unfriendly counties put us all in danger. There was no good news in Comey’s announcement and as a result by 54/37 Americans think she should be indicted.

Comey’s testimony before Congress which was designed to say, “Nothing to see here folks; move on,” did nothing but make her look like a bungling fool at best but more likely a dangerous, reflexive liar.

Comey said the server Clinton used in her New York home was never authorized.

He said she was not interviewed under oath nor were notes taken during her post Bill Clinton- Loretta Lynch Saturday meeting. This made both Comey and Clinton look like sleazy criminals helping each other to avoid the truth.

Comey’s testimony was so slippery, Congress will now refer her words to the FBI as possible perjury.

Comey’s non-answer to whether Clinton should be given security clearance spoke volumes about what the Director believes about Clinton.    

Congressional questioning got Comey to say Clinton’s past statements were not true; and Clinton was too unsophisticated to understand what the C (for classified) on Emails meant. Comey also impugned her sense of the importance of her job as Secretary of State by noting “She should have known better.”  

The biggest bombshell in Comey’s testimony was his acknowledgment that Clinton gave non-cleared people access to classified information.

Next the State Department announced it will open an internal investigation into how Clinton handled her Emails.

This subtle move is especially dangerous for a number of reasons.

1) The investigation could not have been scheduled without Secretary John Kerry’s approval. He would never do such a thing on his own. He didn’t order it. Barack Obama ordered it. Why?

2)  It can either clear her or condemn her. Either way she loses because people won’t believe another “investigation” cleared her; but if by some crazy chance she is not “cleared” the Democrats are destroyed.  Moreover if this “investigation” is open and shut in a brief period of time it will be met with peals of laughter. If it doesn’t conclude before the election it keeps Clinton “under investigation” until Election Day. This is very bad and will be especially damaging since it would let Trump pound away saying, “Even her former colleagues at State aren’t sure she’s not a crook.”  

In the meanwhile a new Rasmussen survey was released showing that by 54/37 Americans think Clinton should have been indicted. It also showed Trump leads her among Independents by 20 points and is already getting 13% of Democrats to cross over surpassing what the last four Republican candidates got by 3.25%.

The Dallas Police murders increased voter demands for safety and security. People don’t see Hillary Clinton as the one to deliver either.

When she commented on the murders, Hillary made her situation still worse by seeming to blame White people for the Dallas police murders.

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