Thursday, July 7, 2016

An Open Letter to Hillary Voters: What in God's Name are you Thinking?

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

As a retired Navy veteran who loves my country I have followed the Benghazi debacle very closely.  Investigators have spent a great deal of money and time looking at all aspects of the tragedy and have been as comprehensive in their search as might be “expected.” Even so, there remain a number of unanswered questions and we may never know the total truth of what happened. 
Of course, some things are evident. The President, just 6 months from leaving office, has brushed the matter aside, leaving all questions of wrongdoing in the hands of reliably liberal historians who will no doubt characterize the needless death of 4 Americans as an unfortunate footnote to a turbulent time.

The woman who wants to be the next President has summed up the affair with, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”  The media has also decided that it happened so long ago the issue is dead, just like the four men who were deliberately sacrificed to the generous nature of sub-human monsters.  The lesson to be learned is that all Americans, Military and civilian alike, are expendable if they should happen to interfere with the Obama/Hillary narrative which portrays Islam as the religion of peace.

And among the questions that still remain: Why was security so lax in a part of the world in which terrorist attacks are a common occurrence, having been launched against other embassies and even the Red Cross? Why were Ambassador Stevens’ repeated requests for strengthened security ignored by Hillary Clinton? It wasn’t a lack of funding as requests for more security were denied by somebody at the State Department well before the issue of money would have been considered. Of course it wasn’t Hillary’s fault, but rather that of some underling who could be pushed aside until the matter was forgotten, after which they would be rewarded for having taken one for the team. Anyone who believes that couldn’t happen should ask Lois Lerner who retired quite handsomely on the taxpayer’s dime after the IRS scandal.

So I have a question for those who plan to vote for Hillary Clinton. What if you were the wife, brother or son of one of the Americans she and Barack Obama deliberately sacrificed to Islamic terrorists in Benghazi? What if she had shamelessly lied to you as you stood in front of their casket, claiming it was a video which had prompted their murder? Would you be so quick to agree that the story was “old news” and that it was time to “move on?” Would you too be asking what difference it makes at this point? 
Got away with it, didn't I!

And what if you were being slandered—called a liar—because you repeated to the world that Hillary had claimed right to your face that the death of your loved one had been prompted by a video?  Of course, according to Mrs. Clinton, she never said any such thing; the families are all lying.

Just why have you decided to vote for Hillary Clinton?


  1. The same question should be asked of Trump voters.

    1. Hitlory will have the same policies as Sambo.