Sunday, June 5, 2016

Will Americans surrender to the depraved?

By John Velisek USN (Ret), staff writer

Is the American culture on the verge of collapse? Some say yes. What forces are likely to be responsible for such a calamity?  Could it be the government and its willful contempt for the widely shared conceptions of right and wrong which once held this nation together? Might it be an external force that has become too powerful thanks to the growing supply of active American traitors in positions of authority? And either way, will enough dedicated Americans remain to pick up the pieces?

Our colleges are teaching mindless chair-warmers that capitalism is bad and socialism is good. Schoolchildren throughout the country are being taught the pillars of Islam, are forced to accept the “truth” of the shahada and even being told to wear a hijab so as to not offend Muslim students. 

The homosexual community, about .6% of the population, has worked with federal lawmakers, bureaucrats and judges to force Christians and others to accept as normal the deviant and perverse. Of course, Obama’s decree that transgenders may use the bathroom of their choice will not affect his own very privileged children. 

We are being forced by political elites to do what the most generous of their campaign donors believe to be appropriate.

Judeo-Christian ethics and respect for one another have always existed as the hallmarks of decency in this nation.  But when a population is taught that benchmarks of morality accepted for centuries have become irrelevant, even false, that nation will begin to fail. Moral relativism was responsible for the downfall of civilizations in the past and it is poised to bring about the destruction of this country as well.

Today’s self-proclaimed revolutionaries are in reality an incarnation of post-World War nihilism; their purpose to belittle and destroy, certainly not to create. The American people are being forced to move in a direction chosen by far left activists who wish only to normalize the perverse.   

We must no longer permit ourselves to be defiled by the corrupt and the depraved.

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