Monday, June 13, 2016

Why Bill Clinton must never have his hands on the power to rule our lives

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The Clinton Administration could literally commit as many crimes as they wanted because a sycophantic media was providing cover for them.  
Here are a few their corrupt dealings.

The Larry Lawrence Affair 
Creating bogus national parks, selling missile secrets, with Clinton you name it -- EVERYTHING was for sale. Sadly this even included a burial plot in Arlington National Cemetery where only America’s military heroes are supposed to be laid to rest, unless of course you are a lying, Democrat contributor. In 1996 Clinton saw to it that a Democrat fund raiser with a fraudulent war record was buried in that hallowed ground.

A December 1997 statement from the National Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars says it best: "Given the mounting evidence that Mr. M. Larry Lawrence, a political benefactor and the late ambassador to Switzerland, fabricated his World War II Merchant Marine service and injuries, the Veterans of Foreign Wars believes that his remains should be moved from Arlington National Cemetery….”

Ultimately Clinton had to reluctantly order Lawrence’s stinking Democrat body removed from Arlington.  

Taxing your Social Security benefits
Clinton was the president who stabbed senior citizen retirees in the back by making Social Security benefits taxable for the first time. Clinton’s Democrat Congress passed the bill easily but, to break a tie in the Senate Clinton’s Vice President Albert Gore cast the deciding vote in favor of the tax. Between them, Clinton and Gore taxed the incomes of elderly retired couples making just $22,000 and up.

Pardoning Puerto Rican terrorists 
Among those pardoned by Bill Clinton were murdering, FALN Puerto Rican terrorists who killed four innocent people when they bombed historic Fraunces Tavern in New York City, the location of George Washington’s farewell address. Clinton also pardoned Weather Underground terrorists Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg.

As a final finger in our eye, on January 20, 2001 as he was slithering out of the White House door after cheapening and degrading everything decent about America, Clinton signed pardons and granted amnesty for 140 people - some who had paid him off through Hillary Clinton’s brother, Hugh “Bagman” Rodham.

International fugitive Marc Rich also paid Clinton for a pardon, but then made it clear he didn’t trust Clinton because he never returned to America.

This is an excerpt from the book Crooks thugs and Bigots: the lost hidden and changed history of the Democrat Party which is out of print but you may have a free PDF copy for the asking at

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