Monday, June 13, 2016

Twenty questions that must be answered about the Orlando shooting

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

These questions have to be answered about the Islamist terror attack on peaceful people who did not bother anyone but a hateful, registered Democrat.

1)  How did the murderer’s family get into our country?

2)  Were they accepted as “refugees” and was the program that was constructed by liberals and Democrats to bring in more beholding voters the same that brought in the scum that murdered innocent people watching the Boston Marathon?

3)  Are we sure the shooter acted alone?

4)  Had he been to the club previously; does anyone remember him there?

5)  Was he a self-hating Muslim homosexual as so many of the swine that do these cowardly attacks seem to be.

6)  Where has he been for the past several years and what has he been doing with his time?

7)  Has he traveled outside of the United States and if so where did he go?

8)  Do we have a list of known associates?

9)  Do we know which mosque he attended?

10) What do we know about that mosque; what do we know about its congregation?

11)  We know he was a registered Democrat; was he active as a worker or volunteer in Democrat politics?

12)  Has he expressed an interest in supporting either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?

13)  Where did he go to school?

14)  Who were his friends in school?

15)   Is he an anchor baby who provided a means for his family to gain permanent legal status; if so can we now kick out the rest of his family?   

16)  What do we know about his family ties to the Taliban in Afghanistan?

17)  Do the names of any of his family members appear on any agency’s watch list?

18) Since he was a registered Democrat can we demand that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders stop babbling about phony “gun control” and use the phrase "Islamic terror?”

19) Can we demand that people like Paul Ryan stop stabbing us in the back by helping Barack Obama import his Islamic shock troops into our country?      

20) Can we now finally tell the NEVERTRUMP quislings to get out of the way because they are endangering our safety and security?

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