Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trump will turn socialist Democrats’ platform dreams into nightmares

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The Leftist lunatics in the Democrat Party are busy putting together a wish list for their presidential platform that would make Vladimir Lenin swell with pride.

The preliminary indications are that this year’s Democrat platform will include a number of anti-American demands designed to satisfy the rank and file Marxists of their Party.

Here’s a peek at what the comrades at the DNC want to force on us.

The platform includes:
 “fairer rules for criminal sentencing.”

“statehood for Washington, D.C. “

“due process for undocumented immigrants, aka amnesty.”

“an end to Islamophobia.”

 “safeguards against racial profiling and a country with no room for racism or white privilege.”

Encouraging her fellow travelers, Comrade Debbie Wasserman Schultz observed that, “Everything is on the table and nothing is off limits.”

While this is certainly great news for Republican nominee Donald Trump, what Wasserman Schultz believes is even better. This dunce thinks these points will attract voters, not repulse them. She said, “It’s time to gear up for the general election and give the American people a clear vision of who they’ll be voting for when they cast their ballot for a Democrat.” Amen to that!

The grim reality for this bunch is that, unlike other Republicans who never really made an issue of anything in the Democrat platform, Trump will beat Hillary Clinton over the head with every item whether it survives and makes it into the platform or not. There will be no free ride or “Oh well that’s just the stuff they HAVE to say to turn out their base.”

Imagine Trump interrogating Clinton (make no mistake that is what he will be doing) about “due process for undocumented aliens” or whether America is a racist country or putting an end to “Islamophobia.”  

The Democrat platform will be written by people with no genuine connection to either reality or the real America. Trump will turn their dreams into nightmares.

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