Sunday, June 19, 2016

The unending treachery of the “conservative” GOP

By Doug Book, editor

We’re long past being surprised by the perfidy of Republican politicians who would rather celebrate the 2016 election of another radical leftist than support Donald Trump. In March, Mitt Romney said Trump was “…unworthy of the office of president of the United States.” This from the 2012 Party nominee who was too submissive to campaign against the treachery of an America-hating, Marxist Muslim and the most dishonest individual to ever occupy the White House.

In August of last year, Daily Caller contributor Brian Joondeph wrote of then GOP golden boy Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton: “They both want to grow government, keep our borders open, nationalize education through Common Core, tweak but keep Obamacare in place. They could even run on the same ticket.”  Of the GOP hierarchy itself, Joondeph was correct in stating: “This establishment wants a party nominee who will go along to get along, reach across the aisle, build consensus and keep the Chamber of Commerce happy. This is a proven model for electoral success. Just ask former Presidents Dole, McCain, and Romney.”

The GOP demands unconditional surrender to forces which revere servitude to the status quo; not because it leads to national prosperity, but because it is safe. The political power base is maintained, nothing is put at risk and all is right with the world.

This puts Trump ideologically at odds with Republican Party leaders for he is unwilling to bow and scrape before the ruling class—the sovereign overlords of the DC “Uniparty.”

Trump has been rewarded time and again for doing what he believes to be right. That, however, makes for an unpredictable nature which frightens the hell out of DC demagogues. After all, the time honored traditions of vote buying and political corruption have made Washington inhabitants wealthy and powerful for a century or more. Why let some uncontrollable political newcomer screw up a good thing!

Some months ago, board members tried to wrest control of the Eagle Forum from the group’s founder, longtime conservative legend Phyllis Schlafly. Jerome Corsi wrote: “Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly survived what she and her supporters described as a coup attempt by board members of the organization she founded, Eagle Forum, who oppose her support of GOP front-runner Donald Trump.” (my emphasis)

Founded by Schlafly 45 years ago and boasting a membership of some 80,000, the Eagle Forum’s stated mission is "…to enable conservative and pro-family men and women to participate in the process of self-government and public policy making so that America will continue to be a land of individual liberty, respect for family integrity, public and private virtue, and private enterprise."

A “land of individual liberty?” Not if Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP Uniparty bosses can help it. Besides, participat[ion] in the process of self-government and public policy making” by the little people will represent a lethal menace to the DC way of political life! Can’t have that.

In March of this year, Phyllis Schlafly addressed the following letter to members of the Eagle Forum describing additional “fallout from [her] decision to support Donald Trump for President.” The cowardly offensive by Cruz forces (read Republican Party) against a conservative icon who has been loyal to her nation and her beliefs reveals the true character and agenda of the GOP hierarchy.

From Phillis Schlafly to members of the Eagle Forum
"Now I must share with you the fallout from my decision to support Donald Trump for President. Ever since I began saying positive things about Trump last year, the Ted Cruz campaign tried to get me to stop. An agent for the Cruz campaign obtained a list of Eagle leaders, harassed them, and published a statement falsely implying that Eagle Forum was endorsing Cruz. A delegation of Cruz supporters came to my home trying to get me to publicly retract the positive statements I had made about Trump.

But it didn't stop there. a Cruz supporter told a newspaper that I was being manipulated. Another Cruz supporter circulated ugly emails containing false insinuations about my health and state of mind. More ugly emails suggested I was being unduly influenced by the people around me.

Finally, on Friday March 11, just before the presidential primaries in Missouri and Illinois, Donald Trump came to St. Louis and I had a chance to meet him privately backstage before introducing him to a crowd of 3,000 people. At that meeting Trump promised to support the Republican platform. [Phyllis Schlafly helped write the current platform] My endorsement was credited (or blamed) for Trump's narrow victory in the Missouri primary.

Three hours after my public appearance with Trump, my weekly radio program was cancelled by the network (owned by a Cruz supporter) that had carried it for over 25 years. Three weeks later, a faction on one of the Eagle Forum boards - all of them diehard Cruz supporters - called a surprise special meeting in order to remove my authority over the organization I founded 40 years ago. When I refused to go quietly, the disgruntled directors filed a lawsuit asking a judge to take away my authority over Eagle Forum.

Some of you may remember when the board of Focus on the Family suddenly demanded that Dr. James Dobson retire from his radio ministry. Dr. Dobson now regrets allowing his board to get away with that. A similar coup was attempted against the great David Horowitz. I assure you that I have no intention of surrendering. Someone has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the lawyers suing us, and I've been forced to dig into my own pocket to defend Eagle Forum against this reckless assault."

She then goes on to say:

"P.S. This is one of the hardest letters I've ever had to write. I deeply appreciate the many kind messages I've received since the conflict became public. Please be assured that I will continue to be a faithful steward of your generous donations and will continue to use them to help make a better America for our children and grandchildren."

The Republican Party has duped American voters for years with phony claims of loyalty to a conservative agenda. We have at last discovered that the Party establishment honors only the accumulation of wealth and power at any price.

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