Monday, June 6, 2016

The sexually depraved Bill Clinton should never be allowed to renew his War on Women

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

William Clinton has no redeeming qualities. He is a man devoid of morals or honor.  

During his time as POTUS Clinton turned the Oval Office back into the virtual bordello it had been when Lyndon Johnson was using it as his personal sexual hunting grounds.

The most famous episodes in Clinton’s ongoing degradation of women and our White House involved a 22 year old intern named Monica Lewinsky whose main talent was to successfully bring Clinton to orgasm during fellatio. We know this is true because Lewinsky turned a Clinton semen stained blue dress into a “trophy” and saved it.

The Starr Report which recounted Clinton’s psychological degradation of this young woman was actually two reports. There was the one that was released to the public (the sanitized version – as much as his conduct could be “sanitized”) and the REAL version that was printed in only limited quantities.

There is more to be found in the REAL Starr Report as opposed to the one that was made publicly available. The report was named for the prize patsy, and now failed President of Baylor University, Ken Starr who conducted the investigation into the affair. The public report hid the most revolting and disgusting aspects of what Starr established took place during the Clinton -Lewinsky sexual encounters. The un-redacted version contains testimony from Monica Lewinsky that she did more than fellate Clinton during their secret meetings.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The next several paragraphs are graphic in nature and those who do not want to relive the Clinton embarrassment might want to stop reading.

The Starr Report includes sworn testimony from Lewinsky that she let Clinton insert a cigar into her vagina, and that thereafter he put the cigar in his mouth and remarked “it tastes good,” lit it and smoked it.
Starr Report Footnote #274 [128]

On April 7, 1996, after a photo op with Hillary and Chelsea as they entered a church for an Easter Sunday service, Clinton later met Lewinsky for a fellatio session in the Oval Office.
Starr Report Footnote #323 [129]

But there is still more.

As she testified under oath to investigator Ken Starr, Lewinsky performed oral-anal sex on Clinton.

According to the un-redacted original version of the Starr Report there was an encounter between Clinton and Lewinsky that was deemed too inflammatory and prejudicial to Clinton to remain in the publicly available Starr Report.

What is included in the public version of the Starr Report was that on January 7, 1996, Clinton offered to perform oral sex on Lewinsky but, as she testified in her sworn statement, she demurred because she was menstruating. Lewinsky went on to testify that by mutual agreement she then performed fellatio on Clinton and performed oral-anal sex on him as well. [130]

The actual report contains this footnote:
28. Id. at 19. They engaged in oral-anal contact as well. See Lewinsky 8/26/98 Depo. at 18-20. [131]

This material is an excerpt from the book Crooks thugs and Bigots: the lost hidden and changed history of the Democrat Party. It is out of print but you may have a free PDF of it by asking at 

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