Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The numbers the media won’t be able to hide for long: Trump getting Latino and Black support

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In 2012, the hapless dunce Mitt Romney stumbled to a horrid 27% support among Latinos. A new Fox News Latino poll shows Donald Trump is getting 37% of the Latino vote. Evidently the Hispanic community does not completely share the media and some Republicans’ faux “outrage” at Trump’s calling La Raza’s judge, La Raza’s judge.

Once again the gleeful cackles from the Beltway about Trump’s “political demise” are proving to be not only wrong but exactly opposite of the reality of the situation. If Trump is doing 37% with Hispanics in the midst of the tidal wave of fake indignation supporting the racist judge there is clearly a very big upside for Trump among Latino voters.

Still better news for Trump is that 50% of Hispanics self-identify as Independents, a voting bloc that according to Public Policy Polling, an acknowledged Democrat leaning firm, has Trump leading 45/27 over Hillary Clinton.

Nestled in the same Fox News Latino report was a very much more important data item that was ignored, save for a chart posted without comment. It shows that the Black voter problem Clinton has had since at least last Labor Day has not gone away. Instead, it has solidified and endured without shrinkage. Last Labor Day, USAtoday released a poll showing a shocking 25% of African Americans supporting Trump.  For months this number was a third rail for pollsters who refused to poll Blacks on the question so they would not have to report their findings. When they finally felt comfortable in the effectiveness of their push-poll questions, they still could not get Trump’s Black support numbers under 10%.  

And there is better news for Trump in this chart. It shows that 22% of Blacks claim to be undecided, a number that will have a corrosive and lethal effect on Clinton’s chances for election.

If Trump just splits the undecided Black voters 1 to 3 he breaks 30% and the election is over at 10PM Eastern Time. He would run the table of the large states he needs like New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland and New Jersey; he would FORCE Clinton to campaign in California and Illinois, spending time and money she hadn’t planned on.   


  1. I've been saying for months now that the dirty little secret the DNC can't afford to let be known is that lots of blacks and hispanics will vote for Trump...thereby invalidating their entire racial narrative

  2. This election feels like 1828,
    and it could well end like 1984.

    The coalition looks a lot like 80, 84.

    1. The Reagan blowouts? You believe Trump will engineer that sort of landslide over Hillary? Well if he is able to win 30% of Black and Latino voters (both legal and illegal), you may be right.