Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Enemy is here

By Jim Emerson, staff writer
Thanks to a Brazilian-based smuggling network with Mexican guides, Middle Eastern men are being channeled into the United States.  Immigration officials identified at least a dozen “Middle Eastern men” sneaking in the country, one with connections to the Taliban. Of course, these are the ones that were caught. No one knows the number that successfully made it into the U.S.
The Washington Times reported that some of the special-interest aliens had previously been identified by authorities in other Latin American countries. But these nations never shared their concerns with the United States. Countries south of the border have no interest in protect the American public. Terrorists must pay top dollar for “Federales” to look the other way.
The fact that terrorists are sneaking across the border and hiding in Muslim communities or mosques shouldn’t be considered a conspiracy theory or fodder from a book written by the Late Tom Clancy. The smuggled terrorists could easily blend in with the thousands of Syrian refugees the Obama regime is quietly brining in.
Immigration officials and other American citizens have been concerned that potential terrorists could easily enter the United States across the Mexican border. How many made their way across in the Obama-sponsored surges that overwhelmed the Border Patrol? The Obama Regime tamped down those worries, arguing that the southwest border wasn’t a likely route for operatives. This is Mr. Obama’s policy for the okeydokes”—that is, the people who will go along until they’re in a position to get their way. The Regime claims they are only entering the country to look for work. The question of what sort is never raised.
Communication Breakdown
An Afghani captured by the Border Patrol was not held as a possible terrorist because the Homeland Security database didn’t list him as one. However, when his identity was cross-checked in an FBI computer it was discovered that he had links to the Taliban. The lack of intel sharing between agencies hasn’t changed much since the findings of the 9-11 Commission Report became public. What is more shocking, five Pakistanis who were caught with the Afghani asked for asylum. They were released and immediately disappeared. The Border Patrol had no idea who they had arrested and the group was not considered a problem because none of them had been deemed  a priority under the president’s enforcement protocol.
The Southern Border isn’t secure. It is in fact wide open for any terrorist group determined to kill Americans in their homes, destroy infrastructure and make people afraid. Fear is their weapon.
Now tell me again why America doesn’t need a wall along its southern border.

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