Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The “Empty Gesture Express” versus the Trump Train

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The meaning of the slaughter of fifty innocent Americans by a self-hating, Islamist homosexual in Orlando should be clear. It should end all of the Democrat straw man arguments about “gun control, Christian intolerance, Islamophobia Nativism hate, xenophobia” and anything else they can use to convince the weak minded that what they saw did not really happen. It should; but it won’t.

What we will see is an endless procession of empty gestures from the “Empty Gesture Express” designed to put Democrat supporters back to sleep and confined to a Democrat Vote Plantation. Whether it is the classic Black plantation or the Gay and Lesbian plantation, all will be asked to attend a candle light service in a park somewhere that will include the release of balloons with victims’ names on them.

There will be hand holding and hugging followed by tears, a touch of laughter and a resolve to disarm America “to prove we mean no harm to our Muslim brothers and sisters.” At the end of these ceremonies a speaker will tell the gathered mourners that “love will overcome hate, courage will overcome fear and we will not change our way of life for anybody” as the cheers rise.

The problem of course is that none of this nonsense will help any more than Misses Obama’s stupid “#bringbackourgirls” because all of this is the same old con game to cover for the Muslim donor states that fund Democrats.

In this dangerous world only the strong affirmative steps that Donald Trump wants to take can do anything to save America - even the “cumbia balloon launching” crowd. Shutting our borders to Muslims, investigating and deporting thousands of Islamists that have been imported by Barack Obama with the help of a compliant Republican Party, ending the ridiculous sanctuary cites and building a wall on our border with Mexico are the only things that will work.

We can’t be concerned about whether any Democrat likes or hates these ideas; our personal safety will not be advanced by releasing balloons.  


  1. I'm surprised that some Dems didn't try to blame this on "global warming/climate change"

    1. The left began its "climate change will result in higher crime rates" years ago. The Daily Mail published an article in 2014 claiming murder rates will increase by 2% as a result of warmer weather. I've included the link. The radical left will stop at nothing to advance their agenda.

  2. It's time to kick them back to their sandbox.

    1. Trump should pound on these murders, the direct responsibility of Barack Obama and Hillary's complete agreement with his agenda of importing thugs and terrorists.