Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The difference between them and us is glaring and “They” still don’t get it

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The news that an Iowa Republican State Senator has dropped out of the Republican Party is indeed significant. I, like many others across the country, have done the same thing. The “bold” move by Senator David Johnson whose district is described as “heavily Republican” came as what I initially thought might be good news, “Finally they are beginning to understand our frustration with them and responding accordingly,” I thought; but I was wrong.

I had hoped that Johnson left the Republican Party because of Paul Ryan’s childish grandstanding or his lies about ending Obamacare. “Maybe Ryan’s insistence upon helping Barack Obama carry out his invasion of our homeland with Muslim warriors ready to rape and murder us was Johnson’s last straw,” I thought; but I was wrong.

“Well certainly Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s latest stab in our back where he and his worthless caucus killed a move to defund Obamacare while everyone was watching the final days of the primary season was it. The sneaky bastard’s actions finally did it,” I thought; but I was wrong.

No, the cowardly Senator Johnson has “temporarily” suspended his membership in the Republican Party because Donald Trump rightly pointed out that the judge in the Trump University case is biased against him; the judge being an open supporter of the hate group La Raza.

Apparently all the lies and broken promises of his Party; all the lives Republicans have joined with the Democrats in destroying, these have merely served to entertain Johnson.

Now the cowardly Mister Johnson who is making a cheap point about what a good boy he is in the eyes of the left, will run as an Independent for his re-election next fall.

Here’s the part you have been expecting: This skunk Johnson is running “unopposed.” He could declare that he is planning to vote for Hillary Clinton and actively campaign for her and still win by casting the one and only vote for himself.

Johnson is just another cowardly Republican who wants to suck up to the left at our expense.

Shame on you Mister Johnson. You are a true Republican and I can’t find a more fitting term to describe you.

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