Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The coming landslide: Trump will crush Clinton

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Because they see their world collapsing and the growing threat of a Donald Trump landslide victory, some people are in a state of full blown panic.

One panicky fool said the trashing Barry Goldwater took in 1964 will look “extremely successful” compared to the landslide beating Donald Trump will take in November.  

At this point you would believe that these people might think before speaking, but panic is a very strong emotion so these naysayers need to have their nose rubbed in reality to get them to shut up. 

So why is it very likely that Trump will crush Hillary Clinton? The reasons are numerous and verifiable.

An important element in Trump’s victory will be the level of voter enthusiasm. Pollsters have largely avoided reporting on voter enthusiasm because it doesn’t fit their narrative that Clinton will win. Consequently the results of their “polls” become disjointed from reality. It makes no difference who a voter wants to see win, if he/she isn’t enthusiastic about actually voting. 
Voter Enthusiasm

Since the pollsters won’t survey enthusiasm levels, a reasonable gauge of Republican versus Democrat enthusiasm can be derived by comparing the level of voter participation in the March 2 “Super Tuesday” primaries. On that day Republicans saw a 99.58% increase in turnout and Democrats had a 24.53% decrease in turnout. Clinton does not engender enthusiasm.

A Fox News Latino report from earlier this month set Trump’s support among Latinos at 37% which, even if it remained at that level, would be enough for Trump to win. It is already more than Ronald Reagan got in either victory; more than George H.W. Bush got in his win and more than George W. Bush got in one of his wins.  

But of far greater importance in the accompanying chart was the data on Black support for Trump. It showed that Trump is getting 26% of Black vote – a noteworthy level – and Hillary getting just 52% which is a full 36 points below the average for Democrats over the last forty years; and 42 points less than Barack Obama averaged in his two wins.  

The 22% of “undecideds” opens the possibility that should Trump get just 5 of those points he gets 31% of the Black vote which would be three times what the three victorious Republican presidents have gotten in the last 40 years. 

Now let’s look at the actual results of this drop in Black support. During the recent primaries, the number of Blacks voting in these states dropped by the following amounts: Ohio 40%, Florida 38% and North Carolina 34%.   

Given Mitt Romney’s 50/48 loss in Ohio, 50/49 loss in Florida and slim victory in North Carolina the value of the Black vote for Democrats can’t be overstated.  When Virginia where Romney lost 51/48, and Pennsylvania where he lost 52/47 are factored in, the numbers point to a Clinton loss in some very important states.    

Now what about White votes; how do they factor into Trump landslide victory? 

Here we have a quote from the same morning show jackass who said Trump will be beaten worse than Goldwater, “There are not enough white voters in America for Donald Trump to win while getting routed among minorities.” Routed, really?

The New York Times disagrees with this and for good reason. Aside from the fact that there will be no “rout” of Trump among minorities, as already demonstrated, the White vote is most certainly large enough to produce Trump’s landslide victory.   

Last October the Wall Street Journal (who likely thought they were writing about a Clinton/Jeb Bush matchup) said, “If Mrs. Clinton’s favorability numbers translate into voting behavior, she would be in a pretty deep hole: Her 26% favorable rating among white men is lower than the 35% share that Mr. Obama won in the 2012 election.”
Anyone who believes that the just concluded primary season improved Clinton’s standing with White men please raise your hand.  

For those keeping score, we can now turn our attention to the criminal investigations of Clinton over Email security; her letting Americans die at Benghazi and financing her campaign with Gay-hating, Muslim money.  Make no mistake Hillary Clinton will not walk away from these things unscathed. That might have happen before Trump, but those days are over.  

At some point, FBI Director James Comey will have to come out of hiding and either ask for Hillary Clinton to be indicted or not. No matter what lies media parrots write for her, this is a “tails I win, heads you lose” situation for Trump. If Comey recommends indictment it will be impossible for her to win. If, as I hope, he doesn’t or AG Loretta Lynch is smug enough to ignore the recommendation, Trump will indict her, try her and convict her in the Court of Public Opinion. Then there will be no crooked judge; no crooked jury no crooked appeal process. She will be ripped wide open for the world to see. 

As to Benghazi and Gay-hating, Muslim money illegally funding her campaign, Trump will hijack their very few debates, disregard the phony “impartial” moderators and interrogate Hillary as she should have been interrogated for the past 30 years.

The scene will be the same each time. We will watch like Roman colosseum spectators cheering on lions to eat Christians as Trump rips her to shreds. The ratings for these events will be HUGE.


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